I'M a student at MIT. i like designing things, taking pictures, and walking around boston. i also like to go running (on) or sailing (in) the charles. i like NFT a lot.

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     tears for fears
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     blue flowers
What I've just seen:
     i love you, man
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What pisses me off:
     self-righteous boston asshole drivers
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     Q: what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    A: bubble gum
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What sanctifies me:
     long runs around cambridge
trev's Reviews & Comments
Pepper Sky's Thai Sensation 4/7/2009
AMAZING pad thai. In fact, probably my favorite Thai restaurant in Cambridge. I walked over from campus with some friends last term, and was really impressed, but couldn't remember the name (Peking Sky...?) or location to go back! Finally found it again and we just ordered in lunch. Still just as mad tasty as I remembered. I recommend the pad thai and the spring rolls. Apparently the crab rangoon is also very good.
Little Stevie's House of Pizza 4/7/2009
I don't know how many times I've been to late-night Little Stevie's, drunk or sober. And the pizza is so good, it's probably the only reason I will ever drag myself outside at two in the morning. I'll gladly pay often for pizza this tasty-perfect sauce, large slices, the crust is amazing. Really, you can't go wrong. But be careful when it gets busy, because Little Stevie's becomes the Soup Nazi equivalent of the pizza world. Just stand where they tell you and you'll be fine.
BerryLine 4/7/2009
BerryLine is SOLID. Fairly hip and fairly urban, but with really good frozen yogurt. I've been about eight times now and my favorite is the banana yogurt with kiwi and strawberries on top. I also enjoy the artwork on the walls and painted outside, but the absolute coolest thing about this place is that it's on Arrow Street. Which intersects Bow Street. As in, Bow and Arrow Streets. . . And, well, the frozen yogurt's pretty good, too
Pomodoro 4/7/2009
Here's how Pomodoro works: The people who run this restaurant know that they have the best food in the North End. The people who visit this restaurant *should* know that they're having the best food in the North End. Much smaller than the Brookline location (and no bar), but still fantastic. Dead-simple menu, cozy (read: compact) seating atmosphere, cash only. Don't miss.
Chipotle 4/7/2009
Really tasty burritos and really great service set Chipotle apart from other quick burrito chains like Anna's (blegh), Bolocoer, Currito (what?), and Qdoba (okay in a bind). I was so happy to find that Chipotle finally made it out here from Denver, CO, and will gladly make the trek up to Harvard Square until they open one up closer to MIT. Best bet: chicken or steak burritos with a side of chips and guac.

Submitted Listings

BerryLine Fun, fresh frozen yogurt--far better than pinkberry.
Bodega A shoestore under the guise of run-down convenience store.
Chipotle Tasty, quick burritos made to order.
Craigie on Main Expensive and slow but wonderful French-American bistro on Main St.
Despina's Cafe 47 Old pizza dive turned chic burger/sandwich shop.