Meg Favreau
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MEG Favreau is a writer, comedian, and food enthusiast. Visit her online at

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Freelance Writer
What I'm listening to:
     Menomena, Hop Along Queen Ansleis, !!!, Kanye West, Komeda, Self, Cake
What I'm reading:
     Right now: In Cold Blood, Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, and Preacher: Salvation
What I believe in:
     Dry socks and melted cheese can cure most bad moods
What pisses me off:
     Spitting on the street

Meg's Photos

Meg's Features
The Phanatic vs. Swoop: Showdown
Philly fans are hardcore about their sports, and the mascots are no different. Meg Favreau illustrates a violent encounter between two legendary Philly mascots to settle the ultimate score. Let's get ready to rumble!    

University City Food Truck Primer
My boyfriend claims there is a food truck proprietor who can read his mind. It was a bright winter day on the cusp of spring, and he was singing the chorus of Talib Kweli’s “Sunshine” over and over with the words “good sunshine” in his head. When he stepped up to this truck, the proprietor looked at him and said, “How are you enjoying the weather? There’s some…good sunshine,” and gave my boyfriend a look of knowing that bore into his soul. My boyfriend swears by this. He also swears that the sandwich was very good...   

Meg's Reviews & Comments
Mew Gallery 1/7/2010
Sadly, Mew is no more.
Pink Rose Pastry Shop 1/5/2010
Sadly, Pink Rose and is closed. The air will no longer smell like pure sugar.
Lee's Deli 12/13/2009
Vientiane Cafe 12/13/2009
Fu-Wah Mini Market 12/13/2009

Meg's Radars Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Exhibit at Leonard Pearlstein Gallery
4/29/2011 Theaters-Performing Arts Centers, Rittenhouse / Logan Circle — First, the disappointing news: This is not an exhibition about what the members of the different cas...

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Out 'Til Midnight
4/28/2011 Theaters-Performing Arts Centers, Rittenhouse / Logan Circle — Okay, so PIFA's definition of "late night" is definitely "late night for people who need to go to re...

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Street Party Like No Other
4/27/2011 Theaters-Performing Arts Centers, Rittenhouse / Logan Circle — Philadelphia is a city of many street fairs. Events that boast bands, food, and vendors pop up all o...

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
April 25: The Perfect Flower
4/24/2011 Theaters-Performing Arts Centers, Rittenhouse / Logan Circle — Are you ready for some festival-on-festival action? Because The Perfect Flower, a performance that c...

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
New Play Festival
4/22/2011 Theaters-Performing Arts Centers, Rittenhouse / Logan Circle — One of the best things about PIFA is the amount of free content the festival has rolled out. And it'...

Submitted Listings

Angelino's It''s pizza! Nothing that wild about it.
Asylum Arena Mixed-use arena occasionally hosts crazy awesome wrestling.
Bacio Germantown date spot.
Bella Vista The Italian Market lives here.
Bicycle Revolutions

Los Angeles
1642 Beer & Wine Usually chill beer and wine bar. Impress your date here.
55 Degree Wine Tasting room and shop. Surly service; good selection.
A Runner's Circle A great place to get fitted for running shoes.
Al Wazir Chicken Great chicken and all the other usual Mediterranean business.
Atwater Village Farm Kinda precious, but still tasty local grocery goods.

New York
Frick Art Reference Library Open to the public free of charge.
Taino Towers Unique low-income housing development opened in 1979.