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10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
What I'm listening to:
     ulrich schnauss, four tet, beth orton, telepopmusik
What I'm reading:
     new yorker
What I've just seen:
     persepolis, sunshine cleaning
What I believe in:
What pisses me off:
What I really think of NFT:
     everything and nothing
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: Favorite Color:
    A: Blue
What sanctifies me:

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rjstar's Reviews & Comments
Enormous Room 4/16/2009
lounging pillows, cool staff, dim lighting and great djs - the perfect place to spend your evening. the only bad part is the $5 cover on weekends.
Trader Joe's 4/16/2009
the best food at TJs, but this one also has the biggest/best/widest selection of wine and beer in the Boston area.
Hi-Lo 4/14/2009
Where else can you find ripe (and green) plantains, Materva (yerba mate) soda, cuban bread, ginormous avacados and all those other staples for your next party? Hi-Lo is my stop.
Punter's Pub 4/14/2009
Maybe it's the drafty back corner, the (almost) always available dart board, video games, pool table and window to the pizza place next door, but this place feels like home.
The Squealing Pig 4/14/2009
Billed as an Irish place but the menu selection is so much more. Excellent salmon burger, better fries and more beers on tap than you can shake a stick at. Try the Golden Monkey (an american try at a belgian) for a treat.

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Same Old Place New York thin-crust pizza in Boston.