HELLO! I'M a artist by day ninja by night. I live in Quincy with my fiance. We play a lot of videogames.

Neighborhood: Quincy

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     Q: What's your favorite food?
    A: Jello Pudding Pops
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     I'm mcclae on flickr
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erinfm's Reviews & Comments
L'Elegance Salon 4/20/2009
L'Elegance is where I go to get my haircut. They have quite a few stylists and spa services available and everyone is always friendly. I go here specifically for Stanley, but there are a number of great stylists that work here and have a very loyal customer base.
Himalayan Bistro 4/20/2009
The food here was so good that I absolutely was blown away. I got take out food, which is a little tricky if you are trying to park on Centre St, but worth the effort. The staff had my order ready and it was fresh and delicious. The inside of the restaurant is small and comfortable, if a little hard to get parking nearby. If I still lived in Rozzie/West Rox area, I would be going here at least once a week.
Samuel Adams Brewery 4/20/2009
I've been on this tour more times than I can count (seriously) and though it isn't much of a tour, about three rooms total, they do give you a sweet Sam Adams glass and you get to try beer at the end. Also, you can send postcards from the brewery that they mail for you. It's just another way to let the people in your life know that you can remember their address after four tiny cups of beer. If you don't like Sam, don't bother with this tour, it's mostly about the beer samples and only lasts about a half hour.
BarLola / Back Bay 4/20/2009
I was introduced to BarLola by a friend and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. We sat sipping excellent sangria and talking with the personable and attentive staff. You can sit outside and smoke on the patio in the warm weather and I hear the live Flamenco dancing is worth making a reservation for.
Charles River Esplanade 4/20/2009
The Esplande is one of those amazing places that you are glad they set aside for public use. I took my engagement pictures here because of the amazing water views and the way we could capture both Boston and Cambridge. They came out amazing and we took them in November. Walking down here can be chilly during the winter, but especially scenic. In the summer expect lots of traffic - foot and bike, but it never feels crowded. I've been to the fireworks here and they are spectacular but crowded and they last a very short time. I enjoy the views from my TV now, but it should be experienced at least once. The fireworks on the river make it worth the frustration.

Submitted Listings

BarLola / Back Bay Flamenco and Tapas in a pretty setting.
Boston Derby Dames Roller Derby Dames
Boston Street Market & Deli Have the Rueben. You won't regret it.
Cambridge Center Roof Garden Beautiful rooftop garden in Kendall Square.
Hudson / South End Upscale home decor and design services.