Allison Lowrey

ALI is a slave to her corporate paycheck by day and a freelance writer by night. She always roots for the underdog, hates "Dollar Dog Nights" at Citizen's Bank Park, and doesn't think dogs are meant to be carried in purses, even if they're little.

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10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Marketing and communications whiz for a global management consulting firm.
What I'm listening to:
     Pearl Jam, Oasis, Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, The Bravery, The Roots
What I'm reading:
     An Innocent Man, Into the Wild, And Then We Came to the End
What I've just seen:
     The mayor of Philadelphia being yammered at by a know-it-all citizen
What I believe in:
     The power of live music.
What pisses me off:
Further contact info:

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Things That Make You Go Om
Balance your chakras, shake your maracas; it's time to do some yoga! Allison Lowrey, a skeptical city slicker, had her doubts about the healing power of Downward Facing Dog. But all that would change... when she took a class. Are you ready for an Indian-originated mental and physical discpline that leaves you exalted, sweat-sopped and begging for more?

Car Sharing: An Errand to Save the World
There’s no reason to own a car anymore. Period. Public transportation—the phrase alone makes some people cringe and lunge for a bottle of antibacterial hand lotion—has long been the main cost-effective option for Philadelphia pedestrians to get around town. For years, there were two types of people in Philadelphia: those who owned cars and those who took PT.    

Allison's Radars Olde City Tattoo
Inking Up
5/29/2009 Shopping, Old City / Society Hill — Long gone are the days when tattoos were taboo. These days, sporting a tattoo is almost as common a...

Pennsylvania Center for Plastic Surgery
Nipping and Tucking
4/17/2009 Hospitals, Center City East — Nothing screams, "We're in a recession and I'm going to curb my frivolous expenditures" quite like...

Buffalo Billiards
Should Be More Fun
4/1/2009 Billiards, Old City / Society Hill — Buffalo Billiards should be, in theory, like my own private Disney World. I walked in and my eyes l...

3/23/2009 Restaurants, Old City / Society Hill — Italian places are a dime a dozen in Philadelphia. South Philly is crawling with BYOBs--the air is...

South Philly Comics
That's Entertainment
3/18/2009 Shopping, Point Breeze / West Passyunk — South Philly Comics on Passyunk Avenue is almost as mysterious as the superheroes featured on shelv...

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