J. Slab

J.'s Radars 82 Mercer
Joy of Sake
9/22/2010 Landmarks, Washington Square / NYU / NoHo / SoHo — The Japanese translation for "wino"--Arukoru izon-sha--is less word than phrase, roughly "one depen...

New York Marriott Marquis
WhiskyFest 2009: Willy Wonka for Adults
11/10/2009 Hotels, Midtown — The phrase "WhiskyFest" seems somehow redundant: like ExtraFunHappyTime, or CrispyFriedGutbuster. A...

The Center
Garden Party 26, Pier 54, Tonight!
6/22/2009 Landmarks, West Village — What do you know about garden parties, friend? Croquet and tennis whites? Cocktails that rhyme with...

Pier Sixty The Lighthouse
Have At Ye, Bravehearts
3/30/2009 Landmarks, Chelsea —
Whisky Live 2009
March 30th, 6:30-1...

Millburn Delicatessen
Love: Taste It
9/2/2008 Restaurants, — If a big burly dude approached you and asked you to "sample his Sloppy Joe" what would you feel? Fea...