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Neighborhood: Venezia, Italy

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     Spoon River (again); A. Munro
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     Gran Torino; Ponyo
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     Personal choices
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     one of the best recent discoveries
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Zenzerò 2/10/2011
Rosa Salva 2/10/2011
Sant'Erasmo 2/10/2011
A neglected gem of the Venitian lagoon, luckily. It used to be one of the breakwater islands and still keeps its own minuscule beach and fort. Take line 13 from Venice, enjoy the 30-minute trip into a wild portion of the norhern lagoon and get off at the first stop. Finally, walk the entire island and relish the silence.

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Other Cities
Da Fiore Some say it's the best. Chic with first class service.
Rosa Salva Good confectioner's also prepare hot dishes but you have to stand
Sant'Erasmo Silence, beach, relax and countryside in the very heart of the lagoon
Zenzerò Tiny cafè where excellent food is served