Neighborhood: St Louis

Buffalogr's Reviews & Comments
Tomasitas 3/13/2010
Extremely popular Mexican restaurant, downtown Santa Fe. Service was good, but always by someone different. Food outstanding and I waddled out of there.
Over Easy Cafe 3/13/2010
Freshest New Mexican and American. I had the Huevos Mexicanos--it was great. Open for breakfast and lunch. Great food.
Whole Hog Cafe 3/13/2010
Award winning hog. Six sauces from around the country. I'd go back.
Tecolote Cafe 3/13/2010
Excellent local New Mexico breakfast place. Family owned for decades, the table service is amazing and the food outstanding.
Half Day Cafe 12/13/2009
Neighborhood restaurant that beats the chains....hands down.

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Other Cities
Broken Yolk Great breakfast.
Half Day Cafe Outstanding breakfast and lunch.
Over Easy Cafe Three cheers for breakfast burritos.
Tecolote Cafe Breakfast New Mexican style. Yes, lots of green chiles.
Tomasitas Affordable and awesome Mexican grub.