I was really good at Math in high school. Now, I'm a writer. The numbers never add up.

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     The New Yorker, Slumming: Sexual+Racial Encounters in American Nightlife
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     Public Enemies. It was terrible.
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     I take sweet time making Fruit Fly traps.
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dennis1234's Reviews & Comments
Truck 7/8/2009
Sure, you might find that closet-homo truck driver sippin’ and cruisin’ once in a good while, but this neighborhood bar’s less trendy queer atmosphere never fails to give its patrons a good time. Disassemble a truck and you’ll find its scraps at Truck. Car doors, handles, and license plates complete its aesthetic, but people don’t go to this spot for the décor. Catch Jerri Blank and hang with her junkies on Mondays as the staff screen “Strangers With Candy.” The alterna-tranny mess on Sundays is worth seeing as Suppositori Spelling’s provocative sex appeal will confuse your hard-on. And if you’re feeling brave enough, see what’s behind Truck’s doors on Speakeasy Tuesdays. The password needed to get in will not only reveal a chunk of shirtless men but some of your bar-back fantasies. The drinks are fairly priced, but Happy Hour is best when you can get a pitcher of beer for $12. Besides, don’t ever feel shy to ask your bartender to make your cocktail just a bit stronger. Truck is the place to do it and leave your inhibitions behind.

Submitted Listings

San Francisco
AK Subs SoMa sub-sandwich shop serving delicious deli meats.
Basil Canteen Atypical Thai restaurant, serving fusion dishes and cocktails.
Bourbon & Branch Speakeasy where the entrance is clandestine and requires a password.
Custom Burger Pick your own meat and toppings at this contemporary burger joint.
flour + water Modern and classic interpretations to pasta and pizza in the Italian bistro.