ANDREA McLaughlin is a photographer who's full time obsession is Photolab and Photolab is a wonderful photo business devoted to making great images - both traditional and digital- by giving expert attention to photographers. Known to her friends as an early adopter of all new tech stuff Andrea is always coming up with crazy new ideas.When not trying new things, Andrea is taking photos, at the gym or reading mystery novels.

Berkeley (West)San Francisco

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     owner of
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     mystery novels
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     last season of The Office
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     keeping it simple
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     really cool!
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Photolab 7/23/2009
This is the place in the Bay Area to bring your art to life. And I mean both art and photography here. Digital imaging turns out to be quite a bit more than photo snap-shots these days. Personal photos, fine art, family archives, watercolors, wedding photos are all good projects to take to Photolab. Photolab staff will gladly take time with you so you get what you want and show you options you've been wondering about. Get inspired at Photolab. Not only can you take in your project to be polished by the lab pros, you can also check out the art on the walls throughout the facility. Photolab exhibits fine art photography by local photographers: new exhibits every few weeks, in fact. For photographers looking for the traditional stuff, you'll be right at home. Photolab has a full black and white services for film processing and fiber based prints and toning. There's tons of scanning options for film too. For digital photographers look no further for photo prints, gilcee prints and canvas wrap too. It's great to see all these visual art services under one roof in West Berkeley.

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Photolab Get the most out of your art and photography.
Photolab Get the most out of your art and photography.