Kyle Petrozza

AFTER 22 years of captivity within the confines of that great cultural void which is southern New Jersey, our hero was sprung and has been on the lam ever since. With a tyro's excitement he wanders the globe in search of all things beautiful and flawed. He was last seen tending to the wake of destruction left by one devil-eyed Dalmatian.

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10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Photographer / Photo Assistant
What I'm listening to:
     Radio Lab
What I'm reading:
     A Distant Mirror
What I've just seen:
     City of God
What I believe in:
What pisses me off:
     Botching my morning omelet
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: How do you plan to celebrate the Mayan predicted 2012 apocolypse?
    A: Portentous polo with those pansy-ass horsemen.
What sanctifies me:
     Relentless bouts of poriomania.

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KKProjects | Life is Art Foundation 10/21/2009
KKProjects | Life is Art Foundation seems to have their hands in every pot these days, and the pots are grateful. Based in a rundown neighborhood the organization has bought up six vacant structures comprising a block and invites artists from all over the world to create site-specific installations for a three month exhibition. They have also teamed up with their neighbors to integrate an urban farm into the artspace. Three days a week children tend to the herbs that make their way into the dishes and onto the plates of the city's finest restaurants.
FedEx Office 10/20/2009
This is a well stocked FedEx-Kinkos-Print-Office-We Can't Settle On a Name- location. Everything from internet access with printing capabilities to large scale printing jobs, packing supplies, fax machines, copiers, and most important of all: candy.
Cooter Brown's Tavern 10/16/2009
Cooter Brown's is a dive bar, it just doesn't know it yet. Those draught lines (soiled or spotless) snake their way through a short-order kitchen with an attitude (and great wings) before spilling their brews into a smoker friendly room full of large tables, TVs, and motley crews of locals. If the thought of last weeks leftover hops sexing up your fresh beer is too much for you, pop open one of the 200+ brews from all over the world that stand sentry in their glass coolers. Alcohol aside, if you go to Cooter's for just one reason, let it be the oysters. In a town replete with the tasty pearl factories, its humbling to think that some of the best of the best live in a dark corner of a dark bar.

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New Orleans
Abita Brewing Company A brewery tour with a drinking problem.
American Apparel  Hipsters Unite!
Ampersand DJs & wallet-draining drinks & mannequins with rainbow 'fros.
Amtrak Station You'll have an easier time finding beer in Arkansas on a Sunday.
Apple Store Prototypical Apple store with that southern speed & hospitality.