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AN American, more specifically, a native Clevelander, who has spent a decade living in Washington, DC. I'm currently getting acclimated to life in Holland. Something of an epicurean strategist.

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10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Photographer, writer, social media guy, technician & event organizer.
What I'm listening to:
     Better music than you are.
What I'm reading:
     Some historical piece on music.
What I've just seen:
     A pretty lady walking by.
What I believe in:
     Honor, something like a ronin.
What pisses me off:
     Unhonorable people and biters.
What I really think of NFT:
     You guys do a good job other than the occasional bit of getrifier humor.
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: How well do you navigate cities?
    A: Better than most. I am able to cross the tribes. Most can't do that.
Further contact info:
What sanctifies me:
     Travel, good company and laughter.

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Chad Bilyeu's Reviews & Comments
Extreme Coffeeshop 1/4/2010
Great coffee shop that sits below the street. Friendly staff, great selection and a flat screen. Great place to come and actually chill. Free Wi-Fi, which never hurts.
Whiskey Café L & B and Whiskey Tastings 12/9/2009
You'll enter a rather unassuming building with a hand painted sign that reads, "Whiskey Bar L&B." Two doors bookend a "U" shaped, extremely congested bar. Good conversation fills the room and reverberates off of over 1250 various bottles of whiskey. The Whiskey Café L&B is right down the street from the tourist hell that is Leidseplein, but the lemmings never make it down this far. The selection is quite impressive as they have almost every whiskey known to mankind. Leave your tame palette at home, and instead of Jameson or Jack, be adventurous and ask for a recommendation, preferably something extra-smoky, from the very knowledgeable bartenders.
"Bourbon Street" Jazz-Blues Discotheek 12/9/2009
A Blues club that mad ex-patriots and out-of-town authentic Blues musicians come to gig at. Really big and saloon-like. It almost feels like a juke joint in Alabama.
Lé Sud 12/9/2009
Excellent vegetarian deli. The selection is so diverse, not even a voracious carnivore would notice. Their falalfel broodje is the tastiest thing in town for €2,75. A must right before you head to eat in the Westerpark.
Café Saarein 12/9/2009
Very nice Dutch bar hidden from the busier surrounding streets. Quaint and cosy, with lots of wood and dim lights accentuating the perfect corner location. They've even got a smoking room for those so inclined.

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Submitted Listings

 Bijlmer Sporthal  A huge sports complex that often hosts nightlife in the evening.
"Bourbon Street" Jazz-Blues Discotheek An authentic Alabama juke-joint in Amsterdam.
't Nes Café The most non-touristy and non-pretentious bar in town.