I'M a travel enthusiast with a background in cultural anthropology. I'm a vegetarian cook and food obsessed girl currently living in Amsterdam.

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Cafe Fonteyn 6/14/2010
I’ll always have fond memories of this café because it’s where I hunted for a spot to catch the first sunrays of spring. The winter in Amsterdam was absolutely horrid so, the shiny Sunday of the year everyone fought for a spot outside…under a blanket…next to a space heater. Sure, it was freezing but missing the sun for months is more traumatic. This café is right on the edge of the Nieuwmarkt, which opens up to sites like the red light district, IAmsterdam sign and Chinatown. Since you’ll probably be in this general area during your Amsterdam visit, why not stop for a cup of verse muntthee (fresh mint tea). At first, a visitor might mistake it for a mojito but it’s just boiling water with long pieces of fresh mint. This soothing drink goes perfect with the tiny cookie that’s usually served on the side. If you want something richer than tea, try a hot chocolate ‘met slagroom’ (with whipped cream). That’s sure to hit the spot on a chilly day.
B & B Lunchroom 6/14/2010
Located off one of the busiest (touristy) streets in Amsterdam, this tiny café is always packed. That’s because they have fantastic muffins (plus soup, sandwiches, tea…). So far, my favorites are the banana, cheesecake, chocolate cherry and blueberry flavors. And at 2.50 euros, these hefty sized muffins are a cheep way to grab a sweet snack on the go. Try picking up a few flavors and sharing them with friends while walking down Amsterdam's famous canals.
restaurant De Bolhoed 1/31/2010
Located in the Jordaan district, Restaurant De Bolhoed is a funky vegetarian/vegan restaurant with an eclectic menu and a great view of the Prinsensgracht. I stopped by just for some tea and sweets but almost could't leave once I ate their banana cream pie with blueberries and almonds. It was airy, sweet and full of banana-blueberry goodness. I'm down for pretty much anything with bananas but this was love at first sight. We debated ordering the rest of the pie (no joke) but then remembered that I had to bike both of us home on my bike and that would be pretty rough. Seriously, that pie is calling to me, can't wait to go back and try other things on the menu...and maybe get another slice of pie! Restaurant De Bolhoed/Prinsengracht 60/1015 DX/Amsterdam/Ph. 020.626.1803
konditorei de taart van m'n tante 1/26/2010
Just a few blocks from Albert Cyup Market, De Taart Van M'n Tante is a kitschy, cute bakery or 'cake parlor' with a great selection of sweets. After assorted visits I've tasted the pecan pie, carrot cake, appletaart and chocolate cake and haven't been disappointed yet. Bonus: tea, coffee and warmth in winter time. And if you're truly addicted to sweets, stay a night at their bed and breakfast above the bakery appropriately named Cake Under My Pillow. *Note: for some reason NFT automatically lists the location incorrectly! I tried a few times to resubmit but the actual location is FERDINAND BOLSTRAAT 10
Latei 1/24/2010
Located just off the Nieuwmarkt, Latei is a cozy place serving up tea, sweets and veggie friendly dishes, including Indian food on the weekends. I could have used a bit more of a spicy kick to the food but the desserts were delicious! We practically fought over the last bites of lemon cheesecake and brownie. Plus, the price was just right. Relaxed atmosphere and decorated with random vintage knickknacks which are also for sale.

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