KID from the PG 'burbs who enjoys all things fashion. Plays volleyball and softball and is working her ass off to get a scholarship to a Catholic school. Hates Georgetown yuppies with a vengeance.

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
What I'm listening to:
What I'm reading:
     The Clique
What I've just seen:
     The Dilemma
What I believe in:
What pisses me off:
     Stereotyping of PG County and suburbia kids that pretend to be "Ghetto"
What I really think of NFT:
     Yay! Wry humor!
Further contact info:
     No. Unless I know you, in which case you have that.
What sanctifies me:
     Drawing, writing, muzak

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zenaErider's Reviews & Comments
Hank's Tavern and Eats 1/23/2011
Hank's has good food and the service is nice. It's a great place to eat for a "Dinner-and-movie" date. The problems? All sides are extra, there's nothing particularly "memorable" and all the TVs could turn said date from good to "I swear, if you look at the damn game again I'll rip your eyes out".
Royale 14 4/4/2010
Nice, clean movie theater that actually still has nice employees. One 3-D projector that alternates every time a new 3D movie comes out. Carpet is clean (not sticky). Popcorn is a little too salty but theater has a good variety of snacks (candy, nachos, pizza, hot dogs, etc.) Birthday Party room available but I haven't been to one so I can't say how it is. Main lobby is very spacious and theater has fourteen screens and nice stadium seating. Usually very uncrowded, which is good. Close by is a lot of good restaurants.

Submitted Listings

Washington DC
Five Guys Great Burgers and a whole lotta fries!
Hank's Tavern and Eats Great BIG burgers, Full bar, Gazillion TVs
Royale 14
Wild Onion Cute cafe with outdoor seating, great for people watching