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Aidan's Reviews & Comments
M.O.D. Super Fast Pizza 9/12/2010
Like "Which 'Wich?", M.O.D. (that's "Made on Demand") charges a base price for all their pizzas and you either choose an existing combo of toppings or make your own. With tax it comes out to about $6.49, if I recall correctly. Also their service is great. The people who were working when I went in were very friendly, engaged in conversation with me and the other customers but not in a forced or annoying way. Also, sort of aside from everything else, but I had forgotten my debit card that day and didn't realize it until I had gone to pay for the pizza. The gentleman behind me offered to pay for mine on the promise that I would pay for somebody else when I came back. So pretty cool people also eat there.
Ichiro Teriyaki 9/12/2010
My brother, sister-in-law and I found this place shortly after I moved into my apartment. They became our favorite of the neighborhood. Udon, sushi, tempura, pretty standard fare, but with huge portions and a quality of service I've never seen. The lady there corrected my use of sauces while eating my sushi. That was a new one, and it was at that point I realized we were in good hands.

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Ichiro Teriyaki Cheap with huge portions. No sign of Ichiro.
M.O.D. Super Fast Pizza $5.88 per pizza, any combo of toppings. For reals.