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Ansley Beach Tanning 8/26/2010
“Before you head to your favorite beach, Come it ours. Ansley Beach.” Serving Atlanta since 1984 and voted 2010 Best In Atlanta Tanning Salons, we’re here to make you look tan and feel good. Located in Ansley Mall! Midtown’s favorite Tanning Salon.
Lightnin Bugz 8/26/2010
"Ever wonder why a lightning bug’s tail lights as it flies?" Visit The Lightnin' Bugz Store for all your lighting needs! We do lamp repair as well! We are in Ansley Mall next to Cooks Warehouse. Check out this month’s special savings! Call us today! 404-892-3314 or visit us at www.thelightninbugzstore.com. We’re on Facebook and Twitter too!
Tripps Bar 8/26/2010
Tripp’s Bar Atlanta! The neighborhood bar where there is always something going on! Come in! Have a good time! It’s a Trip! We’re on Facebook and Twitter too! www.trippsatlanta.com
Oscar's 8/26/2010
Oscars Atlanta is back to serve Atlanta! The best Martini Bar in Atlanta! Videos! Games! Good times! Bringing back Show tunes and new theme nights! We’re on Facebook and Twitter too! www.oscarsatlanta.com

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Ansley Beach Tanning When you can't get to the beach.
Lightnin Bugz One of ATL's best lighting and lamp stores.
Tripps Bar It's A Tripp!
Tripps Bar It's always a trip at this gay friendly hang out.