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Neighborhood: Roanoke, Virginia

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Roanoke Weiner Stand 1/21/2011
Roanoke Virginia is a hotdog rich city. And one of its best is the Roanoke Weiner Stand. Since 1916 the Weiner Stand has made one of the best dogs in the U.S. This, the original Roanoke Weiner Stand, resides in downtown Roanoke near the historic farmers market. The hotdogs here are grilled and the buns are steamed in a steam-box. My two dogs were topped with a slap of mustard, onions and chili. The dogs were excellent! These chilidogs are definitely some of the best I’ve ever had. Note: The Roanoke Weiner Stand does serve beer.

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Blue Collar Joe's Donuts
Fantasy Donut Island
2/25/2011 Restaurants, All Neighborhoods — The excellent donuts at Joe's are made fresh on-site daily. When a tray empties another is always on...

Texas Tavern
All Walks Of Life
2/15/2011 Restaurants, All Neighborhoods — The Texas Tavern opened in 1930. Since then it has become a Roanoke landmark. They have chili, chees...

Pitt Boss BBQ
Q Of Excellence (Sponsored)
2/8/2011 Restaurants, All Neighborhoods — Pitt Boss has finally given the City of Roanoke something it's never had, a great barbeque house. Th...

Texas Inn
Texas Showdown: Inn Vs Tavern
1/25/2011 Restaurants, All Neighborhoods — In 1930 the Texas Tavern was born in Ro...

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Blue Collar Joe's Donuts Classic old fashioned nuts of dough with a twist.
Pitt Boss BBQ Perfection is chopped pulled pork and collards.
Roanoke Weiner Stand
Texas Inn These dogs are awesome. Grilled and steamed buns.
Texas Tavern A Roanoke eating landmark since 1930.