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Zenkichi makes me feel like I'm in Japan. The intimate setting gives you plenty ...

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Chef Geoff's

Thirsty Washingtonians, take heed! Chef Geoff’s has the best gosh darn Happy Ho...

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Hyperion Tavern

Ah, "hipsters." Don'tcha jus' hate 'um? Bashing "hipsters" (a term once analogou...

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Miller's East Coast Deli

Recently on a trip back East, I did the unthinkable: I neglected to enjoy a hot ...

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Jazz Gallery

As we were walking down Dominick Street at 10:30 on a Monday night and turning t...

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Ruby Violet

You Scream, I Scream

It's been too hot to write this week. I've mainly been eating ice cream. And having heard talk of Ruby Violet, it was the perfect excuse for a jaunt to Tufnell Park. I looked at the website beforehand, and was eager to try the peach and rosewater flavour; alas, this being a homemade ice-cream parlour, one has to choose from what is available on the day. No bother, as the apricot and sour cream combo sounded equally delectable. A scoop of that plus a scoop of lime sorbet was just the ticket. The ... ... Continue

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Railway Fields Nature Reserve

A Shady Lane

"Green Lanes? What's so green about them?" I hear you say. Well, I have found a spot which may go a small way in justifying the name. Behind the magical gates opposite Green Lanes train station is a little oasis of calm. It used to be a railway goods depot before it was reclaimed and although not a huge space, when you walk to the end you feel positively miles away from the city--it's so quiet. When I was there, there was a woman walking her dog and someone meditating on a bench. Unfortunately i ... ... Continue

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The Step

Stuck in the Myddle With You

I've got a feeling about Edwardian shopping street, Myddleton Road. Previously most famous for the oldest underpants on display in London, I've got a feeling it's going to be rejuvenated in the not too distant future. They already have a quarterly street market and they also have The Step. The Step is your regular unassuming neighbourhood bar/café/restaurant but it has a real community feel. When I was there ... ... Continue

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Tord Boontje Shop

Design for Living

Back in the early noughties, a designer called Tord Boontje created a lampshade called Garland. It wasn't really a lampshade in the conventional sense more of a lamp "embellishment" as the laser cut sheet metal simply draped itself around the rather sad looking lone light bulb hanging from your ceiling. Back then, the item was sold as a limited edition at Habitat. Not only do I remember the price being a little prohibitive but more annoyingly, the damn things kept selling out. To be honest, the ... ... Continue

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