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The richer cousin of Dalston and the poorer cousin of Islington, Stoke Newington has an inferiority complex-cum-swagger which explains why 90% of its inhabitants are creative types. The curvy Church Street is the port of call with its boutique shops (Metal Crumble) and aptly Nietzsche stacked bookshops. Great beer and atmosphere (The Shakespeare), curry (Rasa N16), Sunday roast (Rose and Crown), and check out the butterflies and bats at Park Cemetery.


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By Jenny Wight
Feeling encumbered by free time? Join Jen Wight as she leads you on the most minuscule daytrip around! Loiter by the waterways, cycle to the beat of  mum-and-daughter horse riders, look at sheep and excessively binge-drink while making fun of foreigners. You may never take a real vacation again.


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Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

Datte Foco
Datte Foco is a phonetic spelling of "datti fuoco", a friendly Roman insult in the great Italian tradition meaning "go set yourself on fire". This being a pizzeria we can assume it's a reference to the pizza oven or there is the idea that it sounds a little bit naughty especially since the subtitle of this pizzeria is "A pizza and love joint". I am known here as "Aarron's girlfriend" because Aarron introduced me to the place and more often than not I come here with him. For the record I am not Aarron's girlfriend, I am very much single, but enough about me. Anyone who knows anything about pizza will tell you that in Italy there is great rivalry between the Neopolitans and the Romans as to who produces the best pizza. On the evidence of Datte Foco's produce I know who gets my vote. Pizza is sold al taglio (by the slice) and is priced by weight--two generous slices will hit around the £5 mark which is just right when it comes to price and appetite. But Neil and Herbie create such mouth-watering combinations that you might be tempted to try more. Go on, fall in love.

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