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Burbank East / Glendale West

Though Hollywood is known the world over as home of the entertainment industry, it's actually this unassuming section of Burbank that is. And considering it's the unheralded king of the American entertainment industry, it's refreshingly quiet and laid-back. On the east edge of Burbank, LA horse owners stable their stallions in the Equestrian District. And Chandler Boulevard provides a nice walking path popular with Valley hikers.

"Beautiful Downtown Burbank," as Johnny Carson often facetiously referred to it, actually is quite charming -- a little "suburban playing urban," but quaint. The shopping there is also a nice respite from the controlled anarchy that is the Grove and Hollywood & Highland. Right past the Empire Center is the region's IKEA, which every Angeleno is pretty much required to go to at least once.


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Posted By:  Kelsey Albro
Photo:  Kelsey Albro

Walt Disney Studios
This is Mecca for all those Disney-philes out there. Too bad you won't be getting in unless your name begins with "Zac" and ends with "Efron"--Disney Studios and Animation is the only of the major studios not to offer backlot tours. What's up with that Walt? That said, it's still worth a drive by with your head out the window to see the wacky architecture. Through the entrance on Alameda you can sneak a peak at the Seven Dwarfs holding up the roof. One block over on Riverside Drive is Animation HQ, complete with a sorcerer's hat.

Posted By:  Bon Vivant
Photo:  Bon Vivant

Sushi Nishi-ya
Don’t go to Sushi Nishi-ya if you only eat California Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls, Rainbow Rolls and/or drench your fish in soy sauce and fake wasabi. But if you have an adventurous palate, know proper sushi protocol and want the freshest sushi in Los Angeles without having to pay the equivalent of a round trip ticket to Tokyo, Sushi Nishi-ya is the sushi bar for you. When you see the outside of this place, be prepared to doubt me. But persevere and walk through the front door. Once you have a bite of the smoked salmon from Scotland with the sweetened sea kelp, you’ll be forever hooked. This is the type of place that you’re afraid to tell anyone about lest it becomes colonized by trendoids—you want this to be your chunky fish love version of “Cheers.” Kenji-san, the personable owner, only does Omakase which means you sit your ass down at the counter and allow him to work his magic—there is no menu. I must warn you that even fish you thought you didn’t like you’ll probably end up loving before the evening is over.

Posted By:  adam c. marshall
Photo:  adam c. marshall

7-Eleven Kwik-E-Mart
Billboards be damned—now they’re renovating buildings. In anticipation of the July 27th release of The Simpsons Movie, 7-Eleven has turned twelve of their locations around the country into Kwik-E-Mart’s—the convenience store of choice in the fictional world of the Simpsons. Honestly, I’m not such a big fan. I don’t quite understand the rapid obsession for a juvenile show that’s smartly written by a bunch of Ivy Leaguers. Not my slice of paradox. I tend to associate it with the potheads who leave across the way in my apartment complex. But, as I was driving down Olive yesterday, I saw what I was sure was a sleep deprived hallucination. The Kwik-E-Mart—in the flesh. And very popular flesh. The line to get in had a longer wait than Space Mountain. And anyone who can make you forget that you’re just in another 7-Eleven could’ve shown Walt a thing or too. Great show or not, who couldn’t stop for that? So I pulled over, sat in line liked a confused foreigner, and got myself a Squishee. And, when in Rome and all, I could resist: “Mmm...that’s good Squishee.”

Posted By:  Jeremiah Hahn
Photo:  none

Firing Line Indoor Shooting Range
If you ever want to meet some disgruntled TV writers, this is the place to go. (You think I’m kidding, but I’m dead serious.) The ste-reotype is that writers drown their frustrations in drink, but many have found that nothing soothes having your latest-and-greatest rolled over for next season like the silky kick of a Glock 9mm. Yeah, you might feel a little weird going into a shooting range for this first time (generally thought of as a clubhouse for right-wing-ers and NRA nuts), but it beats the stuffing out of dutifully trudging to your designated watering hole for the umpteenth time. And one view of the website will show you how addictive it really is: you can buy yearly memberships. Need I say more?

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