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Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

La Pétanque
"Bonne chance!" shouted the barman as we left the hipster place on Rue Menilmontant where we had just asked the question, "Do you have any cider?" Well, we were in luck because we'd been to a bar a few nights before that did indeed serve cider, and we were going to return. I don't know if cider is seen as a hobo drink in Paris--not quite sophisticated or cosmopolitan enough--but it is hard to find. Certainly, the only place that you will find it on tap is in an Irish pub and it's probably going to be Magner's. But La Pétanque, thankfully had some very good Breton cider, albeit in 25cl bottles, which slaked our thirst. "Where are you from, my friend?" the kindly barman who had remembered us asked in French. "Angleterre, de Londres," I said. I also explained that cider is served in pints in England, hence the fact that my boyfriend and I had sunk three bottles apiece. "Everyone is welcome here," our new friend said, eyes shining, as if we were now part of the club. And it kind of does feel like a club, with a pinball machine in the corner, a few bar flies who never seem to leave, and great music on the speakers; we felt right at home.

Posted By:  Alex G
Photo:  Alex G

La Maroquinerie
Are you looking to fill your ears with the sound of (local) music, in the company of "real Parisians"? Then "go east, young man." In European cities, the Eastern districts tend to be the cheaper end of town--supposedly because winds and thus pollution blow eastwards. Be that as it may, go east, because Paris' nightlife has settled in the Eastern districts, where rent is more affordable (personally, I like to think party goers go east so they can watch the sun rise). The hot area of town used to be rue Oberkampf--and you still find tons of live music and bars and drinking establishments of varying styles and flavors there. But the real action has moved to Ménilmontant, around three major and great concert halls, located all right next to each other (pity the neighbors)--Bellevilloise, Maroquinerie, and Studio de l'ermitage. In each, you can dine and dance, attend live concerts, and discover some new talents. Don't bother to inquire ahead of time about what's playing--get there, and go with the flow. To get there, take the #11 metro line, and just follow the crowds--on week-end nights, the fun starts right in the train, with cars filled with party hoppers. For the anxious types, the stop is Ménilmontant. Have fun.

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