Local Sales Rep

Not For Tourists is looking for currently unemployed/underemployed self-starters who want to do commission-based local sales. You’d be selling three things: (1) advertising pages in the 2010 editions of the NFT Guides, (2) advertising on www.notfortourists.com, and (3) the guides themselves. All to local businesses in your neighborhood. We offer a competitive commission rate on all the above, and we’re looking for folks who currently live, work, and play in one of our 9 US cities—New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Seattle. You MUST be a current resident of one of these cities to apply for this job. We’re looking for folks with great shiny happy personalities who love NFT to go in and schmooze with local business owners WITHOUT pissing them off. If you think you fit this profile, email a cover letter and a resume to jobs@notfortourists.com. If we like your application, we’ll email you to set up a brief phone interview. Please note—this job is fully COMMISSION-BASED; there is NO salary and there are no “expenses paid.” It’s simple: the more success you have, the more money you’ll make — it’s also a great way to reconnect with all the local shops in your neighborhood!

Editorial Intern

NFT is looking for an Editorial Intern for our New York office to assist with writing for the books and website, blogging about NFT, and increasing NFT’s social networking presence. This position is only available to students who can receive academic credit for their work. If interested email a resume and cover letter to rob@notfortourists.com.

Contributing to the Website

Not For Tourists is scouring the globe looking for neighborhood experts to contribute to our website. We’re most interested in content for cities that we currently cover, but we’re also starting to accept online content for any place in the world.

Writing Reviews

We are looking for writers with attitude—sassy, irreverent, know-it-all, honest, smash-mouth, world-weary, reverential, and sarcastic. Chances are that you’re writing about your city anyway so this could be a good opportunity to get involved with NFT on a deeper level. If you’re interested, create an account and start submitting reviews. If you submit a review that is 100-200 words with an original photo (taken by you), the NFT editorial staff will look it over. If we really love it—if we think it’s actually representative of the tone we’re trying to set—we will make that review an official “On Our Radar” post on the website. On Our Radar articles give our readers a first-hand account of anything from hidden bars to trendy restaurants to funky clothing boutiques to old-school hardware stores to 24-hour bakeries to hanging out under the bridge with your favorite adult beverage…You get the idea. We also need photographs—but don’t worry if you’re not the next Annie Leibovitz—we'll even take photos from your mobile phone if you don’t have a digital camera. If your review is selected by NFT, the article will appear on the appropriate city homepage and you will receive mention as an Official NFT Editor. Write a bunch of awesome reviews that earn On Our Radar status, and we’ll start sending you free NFT stuff and consider you for other opportunities to work with NFT in the future. Sound pretty sweet? Then stop reading and go write some reviews!

Adding New Listings

For Current NFT Cities: We need your help to capture the most amazing places around the globe to eat, play, shop, drink booze, drink coffee, chill out, read, watch films, experience theater, stare at art, dance, buy (legal) drugs, and so on. Tell us what’s brand new in your ‘hood or what we’ve missed. If you submit a significant amount of NFT-worthy listings (as deemed by the editorial staff), we will consider giving you a Contributor credit in the book and send you free NFT stuff.

For Non-NFT Cities: If NFT hasn’t arrived in your city yet, don’t worry. You can now add listings anywhere on the planet. We get emails everyday from people all over the world asking for a printed guide to their city. Here’s your chance to influence the decision making by the NFT corporate elite. If you submit a significant amount of listings for a bookless city, we will consider making a homepage for that city on the website. And if we get an amazing amount of content for one city, we will even consider making some printed products. In other words, get your friends to submit a couple of thousand listings for your city and we may just make a new NFT.


These are more discursive essay pieces about interesting and relevant things in your city like articles you'd read in a (decent) magazine. The word count for Features is 1,200 – 2,500 words, and we also need some nice photographs to accompany the text. We are always looking for unique and engaging Feature proposals. Again, we can’t pay you cold hard cash, but submitting a Feature that gets accepted by us will get you Editor status, free stuff, and a permanent link to your feature online. If you are interested in contributing to the website, please submit a very short cover letter and feature proposal (including title and brief outline) to info@notfortourists.com.

Writing for the Books

Currently we have no open positions for writers or editors for the 2011 guides. To submit an application if positions become available and for future editions, click here for more information.

NFT is a small start-up publishing company. We are looking to develop and grow the Not For Tourists brand and hope that you will be a part of that process. If you have any feedback, please drop us a line.