Two-Minute Car Wash
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Address: 1836 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Neighborhood: Ansley Park / Piedmont Heights
Phone: 404-874-8128
Car Washes

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The Gorilla
Posted by:  Cary McNeal

Know what sucks? Spending an hour doing something that should take 15 minutes. Like watching “American Idol.” Or getting your car washed. This town is full of car washes that want you to make an afternoon out of having the dirt removed from your motor vehicle. Some have colossal waiting rooms full of snack machines, soft chairs, and TVs. It’s like they’re telling you from the get-go, “This is gonna take a while, so get comfy.” And people do. Those waiting rooms are filled with suckers lounging around, reading the paper, eating stale Payday bars and watching Judge Joe Brown. Fuck that. It’s a car wash, not La Traviata. Why would anyone want to stay here one second longer than they need to? I bet these are the same folks who take the Sunday paper into the crapper. The Gorilla isn’t like that. (Real name: Two-Minute Car Wash. We call it “The Gorilla” because of the large fake gorilla out front that rotates back and forth, waving customers in.) The Gorilla wants you in and out, stat. You drive up and place your order. You walk through the tiny waiting room and pay the cashier (skip the small talk; she’s not interested). You wait outside by the broken soda machine until they honk. Get in. Get out. Drive off in a clean car, and with more time spent better elsewhere. Anywhere. Even the crapper.

Photo:  Cary McNeal
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