The Loft
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Address: 1374 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309
Neighborhood: Collier Hills / Brookwood Hills
Specifics: Live Music, Lounge
Phone: 404-885-1365
Nightlife Snazzy renovation of former Vinyl concert venue.

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A3C: Solillaquists of Sound
Posted by:  Sara Kim

I’d read an article about Solillaquists in Performer Magazine, and was so impressed by their personal views that I remember earmarking their upcoming date at the Earl. Then, of course, my head retreated into my arse, and I forgot about the date. Luckily, my friend encouraged me to come to the Earl one night for some good hip-hop, and what do you know—I found myself watching Solillaquists. The group’s composed of two married couples, three of whom are vocalists. The fourth member is the DJ who not only spins records and programs sounds but also hyper-rhythmically plays multiple drum machines while dancing and popping and locking with an intensity that left me giggling at times. I liked them because they’re honest; a few times I caught myself daydreaming about the sad political state of our world because of their lyrics. Then I snapped out of it found myself laughing when one of them announced that groups like the Black Eyed Peas are “selling their ass cracks.” They play again in early April for the three-day A3C Independent Hip Hop Festival ( at The Loft where I’ll be seeing you.

Photo:  Sara Kim
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James Holden at the Loft
Posted by:  Beth Malone

You’d be a damn fool to miss James Holden. This guy rarely comes to the US and has NEVER been to Atlanta before. He’s a DJ—a badass DJ. Most of his stuff can’t be categorized in the comfort of a genre, but I suspect that’s how he likes it. Lots of overlapping scratches and uniquely familiar sounds combine to create music that is truly innovative and simply beautiful. I never liked electronic music much until I began a love affair with a boy who breathes it. I still don’t always understand it, and get the occasional headache when Peter forces me to listen to some drum and base shit…but James Holden, I get. On March 1st at the Loft, James will be spinning along-side many long-time Atlanta DJ’s. If you like to dance, or at least bob your head to music and drink beer I can’t see why you would skip this show—its $15. Check out Holden’s websites, he’s very vocal about music and shares lots of info for people on his same wavelength. Check out:

Photo:  Drew Van Atten
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