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Address: 1477 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30337
Neighborhood: East Point / College Park
Phone: 404-768-7842

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Virginia Avenue Steak and Ale
Posted by:  Jennifer Kornder

I arrived at the Steak and Ale to meet Grandma’s cousin from Florida, a lovely septuagenarian named Rayanne who washed her steak down with a gin martini and Rayanne’s lovely granddaughter Amber, who drank beer alongside her Grandma while discussing her ardor for hippie music festivals and botany. I assumed the cuisine at this establishment would include the most sumptuous steak and heartily foaming ale that was ever set before me. Alas, Steak & Ale: you do not deliver the riches your name promises. The steak was serviceable, but I could have done better in the privacy of my own kitchen, where I would not have been subjected to the insipid offerings of the tiny, iced-over salad bar. Although the plates were frozen together, I did manage to gather a heap of lovely mayonnaise-coated delicacies such as pasta and potato salad. In spite of its shortcomings, I have to recommend the Steak & Ale not only for its high camp appeal, but for its utter lack of pretense. In the holiday season they offer such delights as the Waldorf salad and a roasted hazelnut martini. If only Grandma weren’t going on a cruise, I would have invited her back there in an artery-clogging heartbeat.

Photo:  Jennifer Kornder
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