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Address: 306 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210 (Cross street: Harbor St)
Neighborhood: South Boston (East)
Specifics: NFT Pick
Phone: 617-574-9551
Website: www.harpoonbrewery.com
Landmarks Brewery tours, seasonal special events.

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Drink Away the Discord
Posted by:  Patrick Hellen

I love beer. "Oh Patrick, everyone loves beer, you don't need to write about that!" I know, but I like hoppy bitter crazy alcoholic beers, and Harpoon just put out a doozy in its Leviathan line, so I must share the wealth. Granted, a beer called Leviathan is already pretty bad ass. I mean, the bottle has an evil sick eye staring at you, daring you to risk a taste. H.P. Lovecraft? This is his beer, if he weren't dead, buried, and potentially a total shut-in during his short and creepy life. So, on to the beer. The first entry in the Leviathan series is the Imperial IPA, and dayum it's hoptastic. You like an IPA? You want to step it up a notch? Grab a four pack of these bad boys and toss 'em back. For the beer geeks, Leviathan packs a decent punch at 10% alcohol by volume, and Harpoon lists it at 122 on the International Bitterness Unit scale. That's going to hit you like a truck. A truck that's Optimus Prime. More than meets the eye and such. Harpoon Beer is local beer, and local beer is fresh, peoples. Go get a growler.

Photo:  Patrick Hellen
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Holy Fizzy Water
Posted by:  Emily Doutre

Many beer breweries produce their own soda, a trend that originated as an alternative revenue source during that nasty little period called Prohibition. Generally these sodas are all right, but sometimes they’re weird tasting or bland. But not Harpoon. These guys could survive producing soda alone. Harpoon sodas possess a rare quality and affection that makes you understand why soda was once considered a special treat, almost a dessert, back in the days of soda fountains. It is meant to be savored, not used as fodder for belching contests. Harpoon produces three flavors of lovely, lovely pop (each containing no more than 7 ingredients): orange & cream, cream soda, and root beer. OMIGOD, the root beer. It is hands-down the best root beer you will ever have. It is addictive, which is unfortunate, because the availability of Harpoon soda is limited. I shed a tear the day Shaw’s stopped carrying it. But you can find it at a few in-the-know spots, like All Star Sandwiches, Cambridge Queen’s Head, and Downtown Wine & Spirits. Usually these are places where you’d most likely plan on ordering a beer, and instead find yourself making googly eyes at another certain tall boy…. the Harpoon soda.

Photo:  Emily Doutre
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