O! Deli
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Address: 190 High St, Boston, MA 02110 (Cross street: Batterymarch St)
Neighborhood: Charlestown
Phone: 617-357-5858
Shopping Chicken Parm Sandwich Day every Thursday.

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Special Weekly Chicken
Posted by:  Patrick Hellen

You know those places that are pretty unremarkable yet still manage to do one thing incredibly? That’s what you get when you roll into the O! Deli, which is non-NYC deli food, with one notable exception. That exception happens every Thursday, when the friendly family that churns out sandwiches the rest of the week switches gears for Chicken Parm Sandwich Day. To those in the know, it’s also called, “Getouttamywayit’snearlynoon” day. A rather odd name, granted, but on CPSD if you’re not there by 12:30, you’re pretty much stuck with Olive-loaf. Why is this sandwich so good? I have absolutely no idea. It looks normal, seems like pretty standard fare for a downtown work lunch eatery, and is cheap as hell, but for some reason it’s just damn delicious. A perfectly breaded chicken chunk, slathered in melty smelty cheese and with a touch of a slightly sweet marinara to offset the salt, all thrown on a pretty normal bun for some reason equals lines out the door at 11:55 Thursday afternoon. I say try it once, and then forget I mentioned it, so I don’t have to start going at 11:30 to get my parm on.

Photo:  Patrick Hellen
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Submitted on: 10/2/2008 3:28 PM
By: Howard Hoffman
Comment: the zip code is 02110 and it is in the financial district