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Address: 1559 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (Cross street: W North Ave)
Neighborhood: Wicker Park / Ukrainian Village
Specifics: Eclectic
Phone: 773-486-2233
Cost: $$
Closing Time: 1 am

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Empire of the Pizza
Posted by:  Jamie Smith

Bin Wine Cafe may be the smallest restaurant in the Bin 36 empire, but it is now my favorite because of one thing: their pizza crust. Sure, the wine is great and sold at a good price. They're not at all snobby, it's everything you could want in a wine cafe, etc., etc. But this pizza crust! It's divine and doughy and tastes like a freshly baked loaf of bread. It's soft enough to be chewy, but crunchy enough that you can hold your slice aloft without anything sliding off. Even some of the fancy pizza places that regularly top the "Best Of" lists can't hold a candle to what I had here. For Pete's sake, there were flecks of freshly ground sea salt! It may seem counterintuitive to come to a place like this for pizza, but Bin has mastered the art of the wine & not-so-fine dine.

Photo:  Jamie Smith
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$10 Wine Flights at Bin Wine Cafe
Posted by:  Keidra Chaney

Wicker Park's Bin Cafe is a spin-off of Bin 36 Restaurant and Wine Bar at downtown's Marina City. In keeping with the neighborhood demographics, it's actually a younger, more casual spot than the business-lunch crowd of Bin 36, albeit smaller and a lot noisier. While Bin's dinner and brunch menus are less varied than its Loop sibling, they share the same selection of wine and artisan cheeses, so if you've got a Bin 36 favorite (say, the Hahn Estate Syrah—that's Bin 47) you'll find it here. On Sunday and Tuesday nights, check out the $10 wine flight specials, 2.5 oz tastings of four different wines served together—it's a fantastic deal.

Photo:  Keidra Chaney
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