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Address: 200th St & Kazimiroff Blvd, Bronx, 10458
Neighborhood: The Bronx     Book: New York
Phone: 718-817-8700
Landmarks Flowers galore in the heart of da Bronx.

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25th Annual Holiday Train Show At NYBG
Posted by:  Scott Sendrow

The New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show is one of the highlights of Christmas in New York. I mean, yes, there is that gigantic tree in Rockefeller Center and, sure, the Christmas windows all around Midtown are a sight to behold, but there's nothing like taking in the collection of 150 New York City landmarks entirely constructed from plant material (!) in the Haupt Conservatory. And then there are the model trains. It would be demeaning to call this special tradition "outsider art," but the near-obsessive attention to detail evokes that spirit. When Christmas is almost entirely commercialized in a city where commercialism reigns supreme, NYBG's heartfelt and homespun Train Show is a welcome change of pace. And 2016 marks the 25th year! The Train Show runs through January 16, 2017. "Bar Car Nights" -- select Friday and Saturday evenings in December and January where adults enjoy a complimentary cocktail while perusing the exhibition -- would make a great date activity before an Arthur Avenue dinner (just a 15-minute walk from NYBG).

Photo:  Scott Sendrow
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Gardens & Glass: Chihuly at the NYBG
Posted by:  Jayson Walker

With a $20 fee and a malaise-inducing onslaught of name-branding upon grounds entry, familiarity with Dale Chihuly was not a pre-requisite for an immediate impression. His largess - equal parts one-eyed visionary and recognition-hungry self-promoter—has earned him the notoriety of a glassblowing Damien Hirst. While both sides were on display at this well-publicized eponymous exhibition that ended in October, thankfully only the former found its way to the installations and, yes, made the price well worth paying. Letting natural plant shapes influence this site-specific exhibition, Chihuly, through exquisite mastery of color created nearly magical sculpture forms that transformed, complemented, surprised, confronted, but never competed with the myriad permanent plants/trees in the various greenhouses and outdoor spaces. Japanese ikebana sculptures blushed between lush willows, translucent fern-like ribs reached up from the bare ground, ruby reeds stood stoic amongst desert cacti, cubist blue boulders bobbed gleefully in neon moats; even his signature large-scale amoeba and balloon sculptures struck an easy balance in this environment, drawing you in to explore the surrounding spaces, rather than demanding your attention, making an always enjoyable trip to NYBG suddenly otherwordly.

Photo:  Jayson Walker
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