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Address: 1st Ave & E 11th St, New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village     Book: New York
Specifics: Flea Market, Vintage
Closing Time: April-October, Saturday & Sunday, 10 am-7 pm
Shopping Stuff you didn't even know you needed!

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11th Street Flea Market
Posted by:  Emily Pecora

It is a self-defeating prospect to walk into a flea market expecting to purchase some one thingÑan end table, say, or a vintage striped blazer. But if you go just to gander, you will likely come home with some un-passup-able treasure that you had never considered you might need. A lea market is consumer therapy without the usual overconsuming guilt, for these objects are pre-existing and destined for dumpsters, and the sellers, with their lined faces and/or unhealthy posture, are not corporations but people who do seem to need the cash. It is a boast to say that an item was purchased at a lea market, because you searched and bargained to make that purchase, as well as a mark of distinctionÑno envious neighbor can come home with the same item next week. As an additional charm, this particular market is located in the East Village, so when youÕre done with your marketing, you can walk two blocks south to Tompkins Square Park or settle in a window seat at one of the many bars and caf?s and watch the villagers parade past and remind you that there are so very many perfectly valid ways to be human.

Photo:  ben baumes
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