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Address: 142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003 (Cross street: Irving Pl)
Neighborhood: Washington Square / NYU / NoHo / SoHo     Book: New York
Specifics: Supermarket
Phone: 212-529-4612
Shopping Legendary bargain food chain with legendary long lines.

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The Line at Trader Joe's
Posted by:  Krikor Daglian

So high was New York’s pent up demand for the inexpensive, high-quality and often organic products available at Trader Joe’s that when the first location in the city opened last year, they were willing to wait on a line stretching down the block just to get into the store. Things have calmed down, but a trip to Trader Joe’s still carries the risk that you’ll walk through the door and see a checkout line about four people short of eating its own tail. Truthfully, unless you’re lucky enough to be shopping during the day, the best you can hope for is that the queue is just wrapped up around the back of the store. The unwritten rules emerge quickly: pick up your cereal after you’re on line (it snakes through the dairy section, the protein bars and the cereals). Take turns with those around you in making mad dashes for items in the aisles adjacent to the line. And much like New York, accept the fact that there will be times when gridlock takes over, and you won’t even be sure you’re still in the same line. Relax and go with the flow–you’ll be eating trek mix before you know it.

Photo:  Krikor Daglian
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