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Address: Philadelphia, N/A
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Where Have All the Track Rats Gone?
Posted by:  Allison Lowrey

In the not-so-distant past, I walked down to the subway and wiled away the time waiting for the train by watching the rats scurry around the tracks. Some rats were robust. Others were dainty. The larger ones elicited a "whoa, shit!" from many waiting commuters and instilled a sense of community among us normally-standoffish folks. For many of us, these sightings qualified as our rare encounters with wildlife. People in the suburbs marvel over deer and hawks--city-dwelling animal lovers resign themselves to ogling track rats and pigeons. These days, however, I can find nary a track rat, no matter how hard I look. Where have they all gone? Did they abandon our city because the free Wi-Fi never lived up to its potential? Is the murder rate just too much? Did the Pied Piper come to town? I'm not sure what conspiratorial forces are behind the disappearance of Philly's vermin, but it kind of bums me out to look down on the tracks and see only litter. Track rats, fare thee well.

Photo:  Allison Lowrey
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