Shut the Duck Up

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Address: Philadelphia
Neighborhood: Not Applicable
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God Lamb It
Posted by:  Allison Lowrey

I love a good cause. I want to help put an end to poverty and of course I'm helping Leo save the polar bears. With a flick of my pen, I write checks and do my part to save the world. Painless. When it comes to signing petitions and hitting the picket line, I'm a little more reluctant. Unless it's a critically important cause, like Shut the Duck Up. Anyone who has set foot in center city during the summer knows the Duck Boats. Tons of folks, both old and young, stick those yellow bills in their mouths and quack as loud as possible, much to the dismay of neighborhood residents. Sign the petition to put the kibosh on the incessant quacking, blaring '80s jams, and bad jokes that assault our eardrums. Shut the Duck Up seeks to quiet the Duck Boat tours down a little... not shut them down completely. You can decide whether that's a good thing or the initiative's flaw. If signing a petition isn't radical enough for you, renegade, maybe arm yourself with water balloons for the next time the Duck Boat cruises by and oodles of quacks are aimed in your direction.

Photo:  Allison Lowrey
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