Olsen's Scandinavian Foods - C L O S E D
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Address: 2248 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 (Cross street: 22nd Ave NW)
Neighborhood: Ballard
Specifics: Food-Cheese, Food-Fish, Food-Imported, Food-Meat, Food-Specialty
Phone: 206-783-8288
Website: www.scandinavianfoods.net/
Eulogy: Nej Nej! We miss the herring.

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On Our Radar:
Posted by:  Karen Watson

I absolutely must have 91 Ways to Serve Lefse for my cookbook collection. What to do? Thank Norway I live in Ballard and can just roll down to Olsen's Scandinavian Foods. Mmmmmm, I'll just pick up some frystekake and svinneribbe while I'm here. And look, a Viking Power mug. That will certainly make my morning coffee feel pretty. Would I like a sample of pickled herring? Well, maybe just two or three. Gotta get those Omega fatty acids somehow. Lutefisk? No thanks, I'm watching my lye intake. But this Uff Da apron would make a perfect Administrative Professionals Day gift. Thank you Olsen's for keeping the dream of a Scandinavian Ballard alive.

Photo:  Karen Watson
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