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Radar Image Black Market

Oysters, Cocktails, Burgers

Black Market's front window advertises three food items in big letters – cocktails, oysters and burgers – but right on the glass of their front door they throw in an extra superlative: “best burger in town.” There's no shortage of places in town that claim (sometimes quite dubiously) to be the best at something or other, but Black Market has some legitimate claim to the title. They're not doing anything outside the borders of a traditional burger, just doing it well. Their Pat LaFrieda sourced m ... Continue

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Village Voice's Choice Eats

Choice Eats: March 13

Each year we mark the seasons in New York by distinct events like the tree going up at Rock Center (Christmas), the first show at Celebrate Brooklyn (summer), and watching the runners take over the city streets for the NYC Marathon (fall). So how do we proclaim the end of winter? With the Village Voice's annual noshing and drinking extravaganza Choice Eats, of course! This is a very different kind of marathon, but a marathon just the sa ... Continue

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Radar Image New York Botanical Garden

Holiday Train Show At NYBG

The New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show is one of the highlights of Christmas in New York. I mean, yes, there is that gigantic tree in Rockefeller Center and, sure, the Christmas windows all around Midtown are a sight to behold, but there's nothing like taking in the collection of 150 New York City landmarks entirely constructed from plant material (!) in the Haupt Conservatory. And then there are the model trains. It would ... Continue

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Radar Image Echelon Cycles

Free Air

In a city where you're constantly being accosted by ways to spend money, it's the little courtesies that make a big difference in keeping your sanity: water bowls outside restaurants for people's pets; buy-backs in a bar; and when you find the tire on your bike getting a little flat, the compressed air hose protruding from many a bike shop front ready to fill your tires back up and get you on your way. It may be hard for anyone who doesn't live here to understand, but in NY, getting air for free ... Continue

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Radar Image Village Pizza

Slice in the City

One of the less heralded trademark NYC businesses is the local slice joint. High-end pizza places have proliferated in the past decade and get the press, but the backbone of pizza in New York is still the local pizzeria baking pies all day to be sliced and doled out in ones and twos. Village Pizza on Eighth Avenue and 13th Street hits all the right notes: a sturdy plain slice that it's hard to get sick of, friendly but no-nonsense counter staff, a steady stream of customers that keeps the p ... Continue

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Radar Image Pain D' Avingnon

Tiny Stall with a Big History

It seems funny to have to recommend a bakery that's been in NYC for almost 15 years (and in business since 1992), but Pain D' Avingnon keeps a very low profile considering it's one of the city's best bakeries. They supply the bread for some top notch places (Eleven Madison Park, Momofuku Saam Bar and the Mandar ... Continue

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Radar Image Times Square

NYPD in Bright Neon

Times Square is dead. But you probably already knew that, unless you like shopping for huge quantities of Peanut M&M's and spending your whole paycheck at Bubba Gump Shrimp & Cheese Factory (or whatever it's called). But don't brush it off all the way. Besides Jimmy's Corner, which we can never say enough good things about, you can still feel that New York hustle and bustle in this part of town. There are ... Continue

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Radar Image Hudson River Park

Village Voice Holiday Spirits

At NFT we're all about a good party. And once November hits, it's time to start planning the seasonal get togethers. One new annual tradition that we now have on our list is the Village Voice's fun Holiday Spirits fiesta. Bringing many of the area's best distilleries together to share their latest creations, guests can sample a great range of drinks from creative cocktails to classic punches. It ... Continue

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