Dim Sum At Cleveland's Li Wah

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Business/Location: Li Wah
Address: 2999 Payne Ave
City: Cleveland
State: OH
Zip Code: 44114
Phone: 216 589 9552
Website: liwahrestaurant.com/

Posted by:  oliver ray
Photo:  oliver ray
   Li Wah
Li Wah is one of those gems you rarely come across can make you feel giddy eating there. Li Wah is what Cleveland's Bo Loong used to be, the best damn Dim Sum for hundreds of miles. You can't talk about Li Wah without talking about Bo Loong. Bo Loong used to be the best Dim Sum because of their highest quality food that beat the competition by leaps and bounds. However, in the last few years they have gone very far downhill for some reason, and Li Wah has filled their shoes for the better. Li Wah has actually gone a step further by providing the same great food and added a much nicer dining area and better staff. For you Dim Sum noobs, what I'm talking about is a restaurant that serves you scrumptious food that you pick out not from a menu but from little old Chinese ladies that push around heated steel carts filled with dumplings, rice goods, turnip cakes, seafood, desserts and other goodies that you point to and nod at. They then place it on your table, mark it on a card that you ordered it and you eagerly hunt down the next cart while scarfing down your food. Again, this place has really good food that's not very greasy and you can stuff two people for about $30, and that is going way overboard on the food intake. They offer Dim Sum from 10 to 3 every day, and that's when they're the busiest. Sadly, their dinner menu is costly and not worth mentioning over other locations. Lunchtime is their main event. Located in Asia Town, they are easily reached from anywhere in the area.

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