Sweet Moses, Cleveland Ice Cream!

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Business/Location: Sweet Moses
Address: 6800 Detroit Ave
City: Cleveland
State: OH
Zip Code: 44102
Phone: 216.651.2202
Website: www.sweetmosestreats.com/

Posted by:  oliver ray
Photo:  oliver ray
   Sweet Moses
Any idiot can make ice cream. But to make ice cream that is of a high caliber is difficult to come by these days. You can buy expensive ice cream at the grocery store, but if you pay attention to detail, the flavor is often so so, and that is what we have come to see as the best; so so. Then you go to Sweet Moses and you see what ice cream is meant to be. It is fantastic and miles ahead of grocery stores or chain restaurants. Fashioned like an old soda fountain, Gordon Square's Sweet Moses makes damn good ice cream, and when you're in a Cleveland summer like now (god it is hot!) an ice pop doesn't cut it. I don't care for the interior ambiance here, it is fun the first time, after that it is stale and you don't pick up that old times vibe they're trying to push, but man do they sell a good product. They have high quality ice cream for a good price. They're not cheap, but they won't break your wallet either. The flavor is bursting and has a nice bite to it. It is cold too and doesn't melt to fast like cheaper ice creams, so you can take a walk in the hot sun and have chow down time. They also have their own home made sodas/pops that are surprisingly good and better on floats. I don't like root beer, it is nasty, but I like theirs. It is darn good. Look out for monthly ice cream specials as well! This month was key Lime Pie, my favorite! Their ice cream selection is small, but has your favorites anyway. Try a Terminal Tower if you dare...

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