If At First Glance Is Unimpressive, Try The Gyro, My Friend

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Business/Location: Niko's Greek Grill
Address: 7400 Detroit Ave
City: Cleveland
State: OH
Zip Code: 44102
Phone: 216.862.3231
Website: nikosgreekgrill.com/

Posted by:  oliver ray
Photo:  oliver ray
   Niko's Greek Grill
The food at Niko's, a Greek restaurant that at first glance is unimpressive, is surprisingly good. Located in Gordon Square in Cleveland's West side, Niko's is away from the popular section of Detroit Ave that is popular and more in the grungy area, located next to a pizza restaurant that keeps getting into trouble with the FBI and other government establishments. However, some of the best food in the world is the cheapest. Niko's is set up like a fast food place, they even have a drive through. I stopped here because I had less than $10 on me and was hungry. I got a full meal of a gyro sandwich with great yogurt sauce, hot gyro meat and plenty of very fresh veggies. They're not the best Greek food in the world and they don't have the best location, but they're good at what they do and you can tell they use the best ingredients they can get. This I think is worth mentioning and they're better than other Greek restaurants in Ohio/America that cost more. They may not be worth a long trek, but if you're in the area and on a budget, check em' out.

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