Lettuce 4ever

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Business/Location: Salad Spinners (closed)
Address: 200 W Monroe St
City: Chicago
State: IL
Zip Code: 60606
Phone: 312-269-5300
Website: www.saladspinners.com/

Posted by:  Jamie Smith
Photo:  Jamie Smith
   Salad Spinners
[TWO WOMEN CHATTING IN CAFE.] SUSAN: If we're done discussing pharmaceuticals and hygiene products, I have a sort of personal question to ask you. Linda, does your salad ever have that not-so-fresh feeling? LINDA: I know exactly what you mean. Just the other day I was in a restaurant and things were just a little... wilted. SUSAN: I'm so glad I'm not the only one! What do you do when that happens? LINDA: Well, first I throw the salad away. Then I check to see if the FDA has issued any salmonella or e. coli warnings recently. And then I go to Salad Spinners. SUSAN: Salad Spinners? What's that? Is it dangerous? LINDA: No, Susan, it's perfectly safe. Salad Spinners is a salad bar in the Loop where you can choose from almost a hundred toppings that are not only organic but taste just like they came from the farmer's market. SUSAN: Do I need a note from my doctor? LINDA: No, it's all over the counter! SUSAN: Wow! I'm so glad we had this chat. Thanks, girlfriend! LINDA: No problem, sister! [SASSY GESTURES, LAUGHTER, HUGS, MUSIC AD EXECUTIVES THINK IS "EMPOWERING."]

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