Eye Popping Treats

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Business/Location: Maharaja Sweets & Snacks
Address: 7310 37th Ave
City: Jackson Heights
State: NY
Zip Code: 11354
Phone: 718-505-2680

Posted by:  Jess Allen
Photo:  Jess Allen
   Maharaja Sweets & Snacks
Some say we eat first with our eyes. If true, then Maharaja Sweets & Snacks in Jackson Heights offers belly-busting rainbows galore. Up front, a display case features desserts in all hues, from the bright pink of a young girl's bedroom to never-seen-in-nature lime green to a moist deep orange, full of wisdom and secrets. Silver slivers have been applied with a hand more liberal than a club kid getting ready for the night. In back, there's a seating area with table service. Staying or going, try a cham-cham, a hefty concoction of boiled cheese and sugar, or a jamun, similar to a donut but veritably dripping with syrup. Snacks---including samosas, pakoras, flavored naan, and chat---are decidedly savory, if less visually stimulating.

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