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Business/Location: Gopchang Jeongol
Address: Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 327-17
City: Seoul
Zip Code:
Phone: 02-3143-2284

Posted by:  Sara Kim
Photo:  Sara Kim
   Gopchang Jeongol
"Gopchang jeongol" is the name of a Korean stew that consists of beef or pork intestines and vegetables, and it's also the main dish featured at this awesome bar that only plays Korean pop music from the '50s to the '80s. It's not only a bar, but a great place to have a full Korean dinner as they also serve jjigae (another type of Korean stew), jeon (a savory pancake-type dish), katsu (Japanese-style cutlets that are popular in Korea), salads, fruit, and other dishes. They also serve traditional Korean liquor like makgeolli (a type of rice wine), which comes in a large golden pot, and each person is given a bowl out of which to drink. My friends and I shared the sengseon katsu (fish cutlet), kimchi jeon and two pots of makgeolli. It was the perfect start to a wild night. I love coming here because the crowd is always a mix of young and old, and there's always a few happily drunk Koreans in a state of nostalgia, dancing and belting along to songs of their country's past.

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