Sleep No More Across The Street From Scores

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Business/Location: The McKittrick Hotel
Address: 530 W 27th St
City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 10001

Posted by:  Scott Sendrow
Photo:  Scott Sendrow
   The McKittrick Hotel
British theatre company Punchdrunk is winding down an extended run of its Sleep No More site-specific work at a Chelsea building across the street from the Scores back entrance. The massive "set," if you can call it that (that dinky term doesn't begin to capture what they've built) is the biggest thing I've ever seen in theater. Five stories of intricate detail, each room is filled with trinkets and props and curated like an art installation. Unlike an art installation, visitors are encouraged to get close and literally dig around for clues among the papers and objects. The effect is overwhelming, and it's worth arriving as close as possible to the opening doors to take it all in and not get distracted once the performers get going. The performance itself emphasizes physical movement over straight narrative (subtle Macbeth references are difficult to discern); it's a conservative choice for this outsized canvas. And although you'll feel like an idiot chasing around actors while wearing a blank masquerade mask, the best advice is to just follow them and try to intuit where in the building you should be as the show builds to its climax about three hours later.

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