St Nick’s Pub
Business/Location: St Nick's Pub (closed)
Address: 773 St Nicholas Ave
City: New York
State: NY
Zip Code: 10031
Phone: 212-283-9728

Posted by:  Joshua Cochran
Photo:  Joshua Cochran
   St Nick's Pub
Somebody told me the other day that jazz is dying. Well, I looked this fool right in the eye and said, “It ain’t jazz that’s dying, my man, it’s you.” I said this because jazz is more than alive and well, it’s still kicking out teeth. It’s definitely not sitting on some old porch in a rocking chair, not yet, no way. Some of the truest jazz in the City can be heard at St. Nick’s Pub, in Harlem. Monday night jam sessions turn to gold, and Friday and Saturday nights are often standing-room only. Music starts as early as 6pm, but don’t look for things to get sweaty until at least 10pm. The service is down-home and true Harlem charm, and there’s never a cover. There’s also a patio for spillover and for all the smokers. Drinks are a bit pricey in order to cover the costs, but it’s more than worth it. Why pay $20 cover to hear canned jazz when you can come to where jazz—one of America’s greatest contributions to art—sprung from the soils? Don’t be a damn fool and get over to St. Nick’s.