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Bitter & Esters 5/30/2012
Why drink other people’s beer when you can make your own? If that question sparks your curiosity, stop by Bitter and Esters on your next trip to Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights. This one-stop homebrew shop will meet all of your beer creation needs. Located on bustling Washington Avenue, Bitter and Esters is a small, narrow shop chock full of brewing equipment and supplies. While taking in the aromas of malt and hops, find the daily yeast and hops selections displayed on a magnetic chalkboard behind the register. If you plan to return (which you will!), view upcoming classes and events on a chalkboard by the main entrance. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you through choosing equipment from brewpots to beakers and supplies and ingredients from grains to hops. Prepared for the expert and novice alike, Bitter and Esters can be a place to grab a few items for your longstanding, tried and true recipe, or a place to grab a seat at the back tables for a homebrewing 101 class. For the visual learner, the shop also features its own state-of-the-art brewing system easily visible along the side wall. If you like beer and you like creating, stop by Bitter and Esters to brew up something delicious!
Sigiri 5/9/2012
Tucked amidst the flashing lights and persuasive calls to dine at one of East 6th street’s many Indian restaurants is Sigiri. It is not adorned with Christmas lights and no one pulls you off the street boasting a deal, but Sigiri provides an unparalleled dining experience that is not to be missed. Like its neighbors in the East Village, Sigiri serves South Asian cuisine, but rather than hailing from India, Sigiri’s food is from the island nation of Sri Lanka. In a mecca of international eats, it is hard to be totally unique in New York City, but Sigiri pulls it off as a reasonably priced, conveniently located, authentic Sri Lankan eatery on a continent where such places are few and far between. Sri Lankan cuisine as it is served up at Sigiri is not for the faint of the heart (or tastebuds!) It is spicy, spicy, spicy. Not to fear though--Sigiri is BYOB, so make sure to bring a spice fighting alcohol to accompany your meal. If you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere with eclectic decor, delicious food, and a unique feel, head on over to Sigiri. You won’t be sorry, even if your salivary glands will!
Beer Street 4/3/2012
Amidst the rapid development of Williamsburg’s Graham Avenue, Beer Street is a tiny treasure for the craft beer lover. If you’re not looking, Beer Street’s long, narrow storefront could go unnoticed, but once you spot its little wooden sign, you’ll be happy you stepped inside. The store is small and unassuming, complete with Williamsburg's requisite tin ceilings and rustic wood features. Sliced-in-half kegs are display cases for microbrews from all corners of the world. Beer Street is equipped for the true beer connoisseur--in addition to its full bottle selection, its shelves boast an array of glassware to drink your brews in style as well as 10 rotating taps for growler fills. Pressure gauges on the taps add to the authenticity and homey nature of the shop. Find the daily draft lists online or on the in-store chalkboard from which you choose to fill 64, 32, or 16 oz growlers printed with Beer Street’s simple logo. While for now you should check out Williamsburg’s newest beer store for bottles, glasses, and a growler or two, Beer Street will soon house its own home brewing operation, which is sure to fill the store with sights, smells, and sounds you won’t want to miss. For the beer loving New Yorker, Beer Street is a must. Just make sure you look out for the sign!

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