SANDEE Curry is a political refugee from The South who has called Los Angeles home sweet home for more than a decade. She corrects people's grammar for a living and spends her days in a downtown skyscraper. She can be found online at and on her own website,

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
What I'm listening to:
     Miles Davis, Joan as Police Woman, Drive-by Truckers
What I'm reading:
     Wuthering Heights
What I've just seen:
     Once Upon a Time in America
What I believe in:
What pisses me off:
What I really think of NFT:
What sanctifies me:
     The desert

Sandee's Features
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Guitars: So many things to so many people. So what do the patrons and proprietors of McCabe's Guitar Shop have to say in their defense? Click and see.

SandeeCurry's Radars Iliad Bookshop
The Iliad Bookshop
1/12/2006 Bookstores, Brentwood — The outside of this treasure is covered with a mural depicting famous scenes from classic literature...

Oyster House Saloon
Oyster House Restaurant & Saloon
1/12/2006 Nightlife, Studio City / Valley Village — The busy residents of Los Angeles don’t always appreciate all that we have at our fingertips. Even t...

1/12/2006 Restaurants, Korea Town — Really good diner food, open 24 hours, friendly service, affordable prices—what more can a girl ask...

Hammer Museum
UCLA Hammer Museum
11/17/2005 Landmarks, Westwood / Century City — Armand Hammer was a businessman, philanthropist, and art collector whose ties to the Soviet Union an...

Tiki Ti
11/17/2005 Nightlife, Los Feliz — My tiki-obsessed brother in Atlanta put this place on my radar. It’s tiny, smoky, has strange hours,...