Jessica Baxter

JESSICA dips her toes in many entertainment-related waters. In addition to her work with Not For Tourists, she reviews movies at Film Threat, blogs at her site, Effed By the Wind & assists with music videos & documentaries for King of Hearts Productions. She’s written & directed several award-winning short films, including the horror-comedy, “Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day”. Each day, she must also keep a tiny human amused. In her spare time, she enjoys karaoke & Seattle’s many amazing restaurants.

Green Lake / RooseveltSeattle

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     The unconventional joys of freelancing.
What I'm listening to:
     Mostly Built to Spill.
What I'm reading:
     Re-reading "The Areas of My Expertise" by John Hodgman, whenever possible.
What I've just seen:
     The sun return to Seattle! It really brightens up the place.
What I believe in:
     Douglas Adams' view of the Universe.
What pisses me off:
     Closed-minded hypocrites, Seattle drivers.
What I really think of NFT:
     It's the most liberating job I've ever had.
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: What is your favorite mythical beast?
    A: So hard to choose. Either the unicorn or the fawn.
Further contact info:,
What sanctifies me:
     A so-bad-it's-good horror film. A Bob Fosse musical number.

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Road Dog's Brewery Tours
Where we're going, we need roads.   

A (Karaoke) Place to Call Home
Eight years ago Jessica Baxter walked into an empty bar in Seattle to "sing" Daydream Believer in front of 3 friends and 6 wasted, possibly dangerous strangers. She wanted more. Now she's a bona fide karaoke expert.   

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Favorite Local Services
Name: Levi @ Derby Salon   
Phone: 206-526-1470
Street Address: 6315 Roosevelt Way
Cross Street: NE 63rd St
Somehow, this bald man knows exactly what to do with the difficult, straight hair of a woman. He also gives the best head massages and has a great sense of humor to boot!

Jessica Baxter's Reviews & Comments
Sushi Kanpai 2/26/2015
What’s better than an awesome happy hour? How about a happy hour that lasts all weekend and features what is practically a dinner-sized menu at low prices? Order more traditional sushi rolls or YOLO with the Heart Attack (basically a Japanese jalapeno popper). Don’t miss the tempura or the gyoza. The catch is a one-drink per person minimum, which means you can’t share that Saki unless you get a beer back. It’s a convenient spitting distance from Town Hall, so you get your buzz on and fill your belly before catching a reading by that author you heard on NPR. Of course, you can always order from their regular menu, where the food gets fancy but the prices stay reasonable. Kanpai!
Vittles Neighborhood Bistro & Bar 2/25/2015
This up-and-coming bistro in Belltown is poised for stardom. The soft brown décor makes it ideal for dates and parents alike. The classed-up comfort food and thoughtfully crafted cocktails have something for everyone. For me, the star attraction is the generously portioned Crispy Green Beans with Broccoli, tempura breaded with a truffle aioli drizzle for dipping. Make a meal out of one or two apps or share the love. Also notable: Crab and Corn Beignets and the House Poutine, which uses a cheesy sauce in lieu of traditional toppings. For even heartier fare, venture into the surf and turf laden entrees. The service is just how I like it – attentively laid-back. Things get even cheaper at happy hour.
A La Mode Pies 1/17/2012
Cream of the Crop 2011 was the Year of the Pie, with shops springing up all over Seattle. Our offerings were even featured on a Food Network special about the rise of the pie across the country. The people had spoken. Cake was dead. They wanted crust and fruit filling and mounds of cream. A la Mode gave competitors a big run for their money. While pie men came and went (R.I.P. Piecycle), they expanded, going from just an online retailer (with home delivery) to brick-and-mortar when they opened their café on Phinney. Now you don’t have to give 24-hours notice to enjoy their incredible desserts, which include crumbly French Apple, Mexican Chocolate Mousse, Bourbon Butterscotch and a Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tart that renders your fork useless with its gooeyness. See their website for more mind-blowing regular flavors and check with the café often for their rotating flavors. Sour Cherry was a recent gladiator in their grand pie arena. You can still order whole pies online for a very reasonable $25, but it’s a lot more fun to mix-and-match slices for the complete a la Mode experience. Don’t forget a quart of Bluebird ice cream from their freezer to fulfill your pie destiny.
Holy Cannoli 1/10/2012
Like a Prayer You may not have been aware of this, but for many years now, there has been a tube-shaped hole in the Seattle pastry scene. Fortunately, Detroit transplant, Adrienne Bandlow, has just the cylindrical pastries to fill it. Namely: Four varieties of cannoli (traditional Detroit custard, mocha, chocolate and rum raisin) and three different Stromboli (hog, chicken and vegetarian). They’re pretty small, so you’re going to need to buy a couple of each. Fortunately, they’re also crazy cheap (plus, you get price breaks for half and whole dozens). Let’s face it, Seattle is so hurting for cannoli, that they don’ even have to be that good to make me happy. But they are good. They are excellent, in fact. A word of warning for Sicilians: Bandlow does her cannoli Motor City Style. That means custard instead of ricotta and marscapone. But don’t worry. They will still hit your Italian spot. There are also a couple of salads and sammies on the menu if, for some insane reason, you’re not there for the star attraction. All this, plus extremely friendly service will make you a loyal customer after one visit. Bandlow should be canonized for ending the Seattle Cannoli Famine. Holy Cannoli indeed.
Rat and Rave 9/25/2010
In the interest of retaining my integrity as a reviewer, I must retract my statement about the Rat and Raven's food. Since I wrote this Radar, they have changed their food menu. They still have the cheese curds, but they got rid of most of their specialty burgers and, it seems, changed their veggie burger recipe. (It's now identical to a Garden Burger though they still claim it's house made.) Their meat burger isn't anything special anymore either. The atmosphere is still the same, but their pub food is now entirely unremarkable, if not sub-standard.

Jessica Baxter's Radars Sushi Kanpai
Everybody's Sushi For The Weekend
2/27/2015 Restaurants, First Hill / Pike / Pine — What's better than an awesome happy hour? How about a happy hour that lasts all weekend and features...

Vittles Neighborhood Bistro & Bar
Vittles in Belltown
2/25/2015 Nightlife, Belltown — This up-and-coming bistro in Belltown is poised for stardom. The soft brown décor makes it ideal for...

A La Mode Pies
Cream of the Crop
1/18/2012 Restaurants, Greenwood / Phinney Ridge — 2011 was the Year of the Pie, with shops springing up all over Seattle. Our offerings were even feat...

Holy Cannoli
Like a Prayer
1/11/2012 Restaurants, Belltown — You may not have been aware of this, but for many years now, there has been a tube-shaped hole in th...

All for the Nookie!
6/5/2011 , U District — Seattle was once known as a granola hippie town. Now, it's all about flour and butter. Following the...

Submitted Listings

101 Restaurant & Lounge Emphasis on the word "lounge."
11th Ave Inn Flawless B&B with a shockingly low price tag.
148th Ave Coffee Shop Spacious non-chain option.
1Hundred Bistro & Bar A little bit of Bellevue in South Lake Union.
3.14 Bakery You don't have to be a math wiz to guess their specialty.

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Street Treats The neighborhood ice cream truck just got schooled.

Darcelle XV Showplace The classiest group of ladies with penises you will ever meet.
Jupiter Hotel Spend the night in the swingin' '60s...The 2060s.
Magic Gardens Time seems to stop in this tiny, surreal Chinatown skin joint.
McMenamins Kennedy School Former elementary school turned hipster hotel. As rad as it sounds.
McMenamins Kennedy School First-rate, second-run theater with grownup drinks and couches!