Mitchell Maltenfort

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Rosenbach Museum and Library
“Very young children eat their books, literally devouring their contents. This is one reason for the scarcity of first editions of Alice in Wonderland and other favourites of the nursery.” ASW Rosenbach.   

Mitchell's Radars The Franklin Institute
Animation Exhibit - Franklin Institute
6/1/2006 Landmarks, Center City West — The picture is of the Franklin’s newly-animated mascot, Meno. Following Body Worlds; deathas- art, t...

Sam's Morning Glory Diner
Sam’s Morning Glory
6/1/2006 Restaurants, Southwark West — Whoever Sam is, he earned the right to put “a finer diner” on his sign. Ignore the door right under...

Long In The Tooth
Long in the Tooth
6/1/2006 Shopping, Center City West — The scaffolding (pictured) is temporary. Long in the Tooth itself began only 3 weeks ago. Books and...

International House Theater
International House
3/9/2006 Theaters-Performing Arts Centers, University City — This place is both multi-cultural and multi-functional. International House is a regular venue for b...

Out of Time
Out of Time
1/19/2006 , Rittenhouse / Logan Circle — Don’t look for “Out of Time” on a Sunday —not only is it closed, it’s hidden away by metal siding pu...