Rebecca Katherine Hirsch

REBECCA Katherine Hirsch is many things to many people, but one thing she’ll always be is the Editorial Master Emeritus of Not For Tourists guidebooks. Her sign is the Scorpio, her great love is the life of the mind. She has but one cat and many interests, specifically psychoanalysis and comedy. And gender roles. And sweet, sweet geography. Mmm mmm, love that NFT.

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Editorial Master Emeritus
What I'm listening to:
     The beat of my/your heart
What I'm reading:
     The scan of my/your brain
What I've just seen:
     Everything and nothing?
What I believe in:
     NFT employment, and all that comes after
What pisses me off:
     Not having the words to do the feelings justice--in life and questionnaires
What I really think of NFT:
     Excellent editorial decisions (really peaked in 2008)
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: What intrapsychic efforts are you using to reconstitute your object world?
    A: All of them
Further contact info:
     Call my name aloud!
What sanctifies me:
     Malaise, Mayonnaise and NFT Memories (or alliteration)

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Chasing Andy Heidel
Rebecca is the lifeblood of Not For Tourists. The lynchpin that holds the unit intact, the polestar that guides the destiny of its guides. She only has one weakness: The ones who serve her.    

Meaningful Voyages
If there's one thing Rebecca knows, it's needless, interminable perambulating. Possessions will be mugged, blood will be spilled. Still, Rebecca soldiers on--from her humble Polish hood to the western tip of Long Island; her heart asunder, her mind a-scattered. Come! Join Rebecca on this gut-wrenching journey through the heart of Brooklyn, but also the mind.

Rebecca Katherine's Reviews & Comments
Jeffrey Right 7/6/2009
I love Jeffrey Wright. Good pun. Well done.
Hot Heaping Holy Handymen 4/2/2009
I'd add 'Halal' to that H-happy title if I had my druthers.
Swedish Brunch 3/17/2009
Dear Craig, Firstly: I commend your saucy sense of controversy in highlighting the Swedes, on this, the national day of solemn, Irish awareness. Secondly, as the constant content monitor, Aquavit is so not NFT. However, thirdly, I long to witness this so-called "$48 smorgasbord" on account of your review, but I'll have to see it--or be greatheartedly gifted with it some Sunday morning by the institution I served so long--to believe it. With Faith, Rebecca
It's Electric 2/17/2009
At least the Blue is magnanimous enough not to throw me out for drinking my own liquor like the heartless tenders of the alleged dive "Cherry Tavern." No bar that bars my drinking my own drink is a bar of mine. Harumph.
Insane In The Membrane! 1/31/2009
I think I'll take my chances. I'm half-Cherokee but I'm packing heat.

Rebecca Katherine's Radars Footsie's
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4/20/2009 Nightlife, Mt. Washington — Angelenos, the time of your life has arrived at last, in the form of this Friday, April 24th. No, re...

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Hot Heaping Holy Handymen
4/2/2009 Restaurants, Kensington / Ditmas Park — Pakistani food for Pakistani people, and their right-thinking friends. Madina I found unnervingly s...

Kellogg's Diner
2/18/2009 Restaurants, Williamsburg — Modern, shiny, expensive, foolish. Admittedly, Kellogg's newfangled back-to-the-future chrome exter...

Blue & Gold Tavern
It's Electric
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Submitted Listings

New York
'wichcraft Sandwiches. Spooky.
192 Books Reads like a library--with a premium on art books and literature.
808 Ink Sins of the flesh, coming right up.
Apex Bus Chinatown Bus!
Aqueduct Flea Market Antiques, crap, and weirdos. Closes for winter.

2 Nail Chicks Treat yourself right at this nail spa.
Amazing Cakes Secret sweets in sordid places (Veterans Memorial Highway).
Atlanta  Soto Zen  Center "All who come here are welcome; none who leave are pursued."
Bamboo Luau's Chinatown Late-night Chinese.
Big Lots Furniture Cheap futons for all your redneck kids.

Bamboo Decent comprehensive Asian.
Bay Sweets Market Middle Eastern grocery.
Beachcomber Irish bar-cum-seafood shack. Dogs welcome.
Beachcomber Irish bar-cum-seafood shack. Dogs welcome.
Bearly Read Books Boston's largest antiquarian bookstore.

A New Leaf Florists of paradise. Minus the price.
A Vision Chicago
All Star Stand Multifarious food offerings between innings.
Andersonville Galleria Indie mall with over 90 vendors.
Artemio's Bakery Mexican sweetstuffs.

A Child of The Jago Slapdash assortment of otherworldy vintage.
Ben's Cookies Cookie chain good. Chips in dough yum.
Beyond Retro Biggest, original, live-bands-on-Saturday vintage.
Concrete Restaurant/bar features Russian beer, food, absinthe.
Concrete Restaurant/bar features Russian beer, food, absinthe.

Los Angeles
25 Degrees Very LA: Overpriced, open late, frilled-up American comfort food.
AIDS Life Cycle
Animal Amazing dishes out of unheralded, and sometimes frankly gnarly, parts.
Antonio's Pizzeria Tasty. So old-school they still take Diners Club.
Barnes & Noble Space, Starbucks, books.

(The Real) Le Anh
13th Street Pizza Toppings range from peanut butter to ranch dressing.
Absolute Abstract
Ants Ants attack the city by force. Take pains to protect yourself.

San Francisco
Alameda Point Antiques Faire First Sunday of the month: 6 am-3 pm.
Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen Hush puppies, bananas foster bread pudding, the works!
Awaken Cafe
Awaken Cafe
B & M Mei Sing Restaurant Whole fried fish includes tasty intact eyeballs.

Amazing Thai Cuisine Adequate Thai with huge menu. Gets the job done.
Ballard Town & Country Market Local produce, wine and desserts.
Banya 5 Relax like the Russians do. $35 for all-day use.
Beach Cafe at the Point Not exactly on a beach and not exactly worth the price.
Bento World Cheap bento boxes for the flimsy of pocketbook, noble of taste.

Washington DC
(WAWSL) Washington Area Women's Soccer League Ladies' soccer don't got time to bleed.
Arlington Farmers' Market Farmers market, Saturday 8 am-12 pm.
Atomic Music Honest gear and honest service.
BGR: The Burger Joint Gigantic burgers for gigantic people.
Bluemont Park Quiet pastoral retreat until you bring in the Frisbee golf.