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I'M a glass artist living in the heart of the best city ever, Cleveland. I love food and having a good time withut breaking the bank. If you know of something I'd like, lemme know! CLEVELAND!

Neighborhood: Cleveland

Working on it

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Glass Artist
What I'm listening to:
     Electric Frankenstein
What I believe in:
     Art, the only truth we need (Wanna buy some?)
What pisses me off:
     Republicans and bible bangers
What I really think of NFT:
     Cool, but too many tourists use it. It is for locals!
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: How many Christmas Ornaments can you make in an hour?
    A: 18, give or take.
What sanctifies me:

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Bark 2/27/2013
I don't get the hype of this place at all. The hotdogs at Bark are good, but by no means are they great. I can't imagine paying $6 or so for a run of the mill hot dog with some only slightly better than cheapest quality condiments on your average out of the packet hotdog bun. I've paid $10 per dog before, but it was worth it. Yes, the hotdogs taste good, but I could go to any other hotdog establishment and be just as satisfied and pay much less. The portions are really small, which I see other people have complained about as well. Also, the service was kind of lousy. My wife is lactose intolerant, so every time she asked for her food with no cheese, they assured us it would be cheeseless. 3 times going up to the register again asking for food with no cheese later she gave up. It was also disappointing to get a draught beer served in plastic mugs. Who does that? Over all, I would say most people come here because of the atmosphere. It doesn't have much else going for it besides being right next to the subway. Go somewhere else.
Miss Pizza 10/5/2012
Long flights drain me. So when my wife and I got into our hotel room we were hungry and tired and didn't want to venture far. So we looked out our window and saw Miss Pizza. We figured it was close and then we could sleep. We sat down and saw that the menu was very broad. All the pizzas sounded great and light. Mostly they were vegetarian which sounded great at that moment. We ordered a pizza each and noticed immediately that they made it right away in their wood fired brick oven. We saw that the dough was rolled out and our ingredients were put on fresh. When the food came out, it was exquisite and we were so satisfied that we almost cried. Well not really, but it was pretty damn good. One thing I noticed over all in Turkey is that the freshness of their food is much better than you'd expect in other Western counties, and this place was no exception. I highly recommend it because it is surprisingly hard to find GOOD Turkish food in Istanbul and if you're in the New City part of town it can be very worth your time. Also, you could smoke indoors which surprised me. That could be a plus or a minus depending on who you are, but every restaurant lets you in this city. Their salads are top notch too, and again, very fresh. Also you can eat here without going hungry or getting stuffed without breaking the bank, which is important when traveling. Try the Neapolitan pizza!
Progressive Field 7/13/2012
Jacobs Field is where the Cleveland Indians play their home games. The Indian are a great team, if you have any doubt on the subject watch the movie Major League! They play hard and entertain very well. The team has been through better times but the players are solid and have good averages. Our star player is Choo, and whenever he comes up to bat you think the fans are booing him but they're chanting "Chooooooooo!". The stadium is great because you can see everything very well compared to other stadiums, even from the nose bleed section. I know because I've been there. The pall bark food is expensive like any stadium holding major league teams but its good for what you get. Also, ticket prices seem to be lower than other stadiums. Yankee Tickets cost an arm and a leg, but you can get awesome seats here for about $30, which is a steal. Also the fans are pretty crazy and die hard, making it a great place for people watching. What else is there to say about a sporting arena? Go Indians!
Cleveland Pickle 7/13/2012
It's not good unless it has been dipped in vinegar and allowed to soak for a worthwhile time, or at least I subscribe to that idea. I love pickled onions, carrots, eggs, and jalapenos and yes pickles. Cleveland Pickle is a small sandwich shop that seems to share my affinity with pickled food. Located Downtown on E9th Street and Euclid, this establishment seems to be a local favorite with the crowd that works in the city of Cleveland. They're only open for lunch, so the hours can be difficult for a guy like me who does not work Downtown but enjoys a good meal. Their sandwiches are really yummy and filling and not too heavy it would seem. You can tell they make their own pickles and each sandwich includes one of their own special varieties of pickle in them. You can ask for it without the pickle, but why would you? I really like the Blazin' River and the West Sider sandwiches but all have been good. They're worth checking out next time you find yourself in the city in need of a good meal. Another good thing about where they are is that no one parks on the west side of East 9th pretty much ever, so parking is easy. Yay!
Niko's Greek Grill 7/12/2012
The food at Niko's, a Greek restaurant that at first glance is unimpressive, is surprisingly good. Located in Gordon Square in Cleveland's West side, Niko's is away from the popular section of Detroit Ave that is popular and more in the grungy area, located next to a pizza restaurant that keeps getting into trouble with the FBI and other government establishments. However, some of the best food in the world is the cheapest. Niko's is set up like a fast food place, they even have a drive through. I stopped here because I had less than $10 on me and was hungry. I got a full meal of a gyro sandwich with great yogurt sauce, hot gyro meat and plenty of very fresh veggies. They're not the best Greek food in the world and they don't have the best location, but they're good at what they do and you can tell they use the best ingredients they can get. This I think is worth mentioning and they're better than other Greek restaurants in Ohio/America that cost more. They may not be worth a long trek, but if you're in the area and on a budget, check em' out.

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