Georgia Lawson
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GEORGIA is two-thirds of the way through a Journalism degree at Northumbria University in England.

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     Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis
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     An indispensable part of city life
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An Englishwoman in New York
Having four weeks to explore New York, Londoner Georgia Lawson dives in head first on a mission to live like a local. Can this Englishwoman master the city in such a short time? Read on to find out.

Georgia Lawson's Radars Brooklyn Bridge
Hub Of Activity
12/23/2010 Landmarks, City Hall / Chinatown — You can see the Statue of Liberty in the far distance as the sun sets on the city that never sleeps....

Double Crown
Shake It Up
12/15/2010 , Washington Square / NYU / NoHo / SoHo — On the Bowery, a lively part of town, a spirited crowd roams the night away. Case in point: Double C...

Soho House
House Of Wonder
11/26/2010 Hotels, West Village — It almost seems a right of passages for a Londoner to spend a night in the Soho House. The hotel has...

Rocket Food
11/24/2010 , Washington Square / NYU / NoHo / SoHo — What's shaped like a dandelion leaf and tastes like pepper? ARUGULA! This caused much amusement at P...

Bloomindale's Vs Macy's
11/22/2010 Shopping, Upper East Side (Lower) — While in New York, I had to try the shopping institutions of Macy's and Bloomingdale's. Show All Content